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Ban Animated Gif's

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Some of them contain malware and they are just annoying. I think we should ban animated gif's. They are basically spam anyway.

16 comments    595 views    Suggested by somethingvague9843 3 years and 10 months ago    

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Idea: Ban Animated Gif's

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Mr.Gooner330.36K • 18 Oct 2011, 20:03
Disagree, i've only come across 1 in my time here with malware and there easily reported and removed, sorry.sad
Kize648 • 26 Oct 2011, 01:20
I think some of them are freaking hilarious!!! Why take the funnys away?
somethingvague9843 • 06 Dec 2011, 19:26
In my opinion it would speed up the page load times and be less stress on the servers. There can still be sigs and avatars just static ones. :)

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AmanPC7643 • 20 Oct 2013, 09:59 Show comment
Thumbs Down, sorry.
420weedman45.75K • 22 Oct 2012, 01:57 Show comment
if it slowers your speed just disable signatures in profile smile
H3R01N10 • 20 Jul 2012, 17:01 Show comment
Animated .gif's may not be malware, exactly, but they are annoying. And, they take up time on the loading of the screen.. Plus, they are unnecessary, in my opinion.
Rob636273 • 15 May 2012, 22:42 Show comment
It's a thumbs down for me too.
v10l3n7_f3mm36666 • 14 May 2012, 23:06 Show comment
I unfortunately had to click thumbs down this time. Some of them are pretty cool and even some of the annoying ones are still amusing to a point.
DomDom14676 • 14 May 2012, 22:43 Show comment
The thing I hate the most on KAT. Yeah some are hilarious but after watching during 5 minutes a 2 seconds clip playing in a loop, the fun is totally gone and the animated gif avatar that used to be funny becomes annoying like all the other ones. And the animated gif banners!!! ARRRG! Worse than avatars because it's bigger! So I agree with somethingvague, no more animated gifs of any kind.
SirHatesaLot27.26K • 05 Feb 2012, 15:20 Show comment
Comment is deleted
somethingvague9843 • 22 Mar 2012, 23:33 Show comment
Thank you for the input. :)

TheShow14.5K • 08 Dec 2011, 21:43 Show comment
No dice
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