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DANGERMOUSE SERIES 1 {KRG}KVCDgadge007 (Size: 1.13 GB)
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dangermouse Series 1 {KRG}kvcd gadge007

(2 disk release)

Genre: Cartoon/kids
Source:Dangermouse Series 1 Ep 1-5
Runtime: 58 min approx
Video: NTSC MPEG-1
Res: 512x368
Size: 551 MB(Bin file)
Tracker:Pirate Bay

Series 1 Episodes

1. "Rogue Robots" (28 September 1981)
Danger Mouse discovers that Baron Greenback is behind a wave of attack robots that have been going after agents.

2. "Who Stole the Bagpipes?" (30 September 1981)
Danger Mouse and Penfold travel to Scotland to keep Greenback from destroying the world with music from all the world's bagpipes.

3. "Trouble With Ghosts" (5 October 1981)
Greenback captures Colonel K and has the Colonel send Danger Mouse and Penfold on holiday to a haunted castle in Transylvania.

4. "The Chicken Run" (7 October 1981)
Greenback steals a growth serum from Professor Squakencluck and with it creates giant chickens to take over the world.

5. "The Martian Misfit" (12 October 1981)
Greenback creates a `Martian' to keep Danger Mouse busy while he sets out on a crime spree.

Genre: Cartoon/kids
Source:Dangermouse Series 1 Ep 6-11
Runtime: 120 min approx
Video: NTSC MPEG-1
Res: 512x368
Size: 602 MB(Bin file)

6. "The Dream Machine" (14 October 1981)
Greenback drives Danger Mouse and Penfold crazy with his dream machine.

7. "Lord of the Bungle" (19 October 1981)
A fall causes Penfold to think he is the Lord of the Jungle, when he and Danger Mouse try to find out why elephants are being turned into sugar cubes.

8. "Die Laughing" (21 October 1981)
Greenback is causing the world's leaders to laugh themselves to death in his latest plot to become ruler of the Earth.

9. "The World of Machines" (26 October 1981)
Greenback kidnaps Penfold to lure Danger Mouse into a spaceship and send both of them to a planet ruled by machines.

10. "Ice Station Camel" (28 October 1981)
Danger Mouse must stop Greenback who has stopped the Earth's rotation which in turn has canceled gravity.

11. "The Plague of Pyramids" (14 Dec 1981)
Danger Mouse discovers Greenback is behind a plague of pyramids which are popping up all over England and threatening to sink England.

Series 2 Episodes

12. "Custard" (4 January 1982)
DangerMouse travels to outer space to find a custard-mite and bring him to Earth after Greenback floods the world with instant custard.

13. "Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind" (11 January 1982)
Aliens capture DangerMouse and Penfold for use in an experiment when they journey to the Bermuda Triangle out in the sea on the trail of Baron Greenback.

14. "The Duel" )18 January 1982)
Greenback tells DangerMouse that he will go straight and be good, if DangerMouse beats him in a duel and if DangerMouse promises to quit his job if he is the loser.

15. "The Day of the Suds" (25 January 1982)
Washing machines under the control of Greenback threaten to destroy London city.

16. "The Bad Luck Eye of the Little Yellow God" (1 February 1982)
Greenback has stolen a bad luck charm for use in a bad luck ray. DangerMouse manages to get it and attempts to give it back to the original owners who don't really want it back.

17. "The Four Tasks of DangerMouse" (8 February 1982)
Greenback kidnaps Penfold to get DangerMouse to bring him four ingredients needed for an evil spell to take over the world. DangerMouse meets Count Duckula when one ingredient turns out to be the feather of a vampire duck.

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