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Oh lordy no! you'd never see me frocking up. In fact I loathe drag in all its forms.I only grudgingly upload that horrible RuPaul show with all those whiny skinny effeminate men who give gay men a bad name (see you got me started Jesse_D2193 .
thanks Jesse_D2193 for the update. To be honest I don't mind as any break in the show's schedule is a break for me as wellsweat

I hope everyone found this weeks episode OK .Since its been capped by CRiMSON and also uploaded by the release team I decided not to worry about it.
This is one of the best episodes of this show I have seen in a long time. All the looks for the most part were very good and some were remarkable.Look forward to hearing what you all thought
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Hey peeps! Well, I actually watched episode 6 and I didn't almost die

I actually enjoyed the scene with Stassi, Frank, and her parents


Its like I hardly know you anymore Nikkita65704 shocked

One moretitter
because there’s no show, it’s that third wall or fourth wall or whatever it is so

thank you for that tidbit Nikkita65704 .Its interesting to hear about Adrienne's beef with Brandi involved trying to get her off the show and how Brandi was unable to mention it on the show because it was about the show (not breaking the 4th wall).
I've always thought that was ridiculous that they do this, as if we don't know they are being filmed and household names. I meant to mention this before but did anyone notice at the dinner party in Vegas when Camille mentioned the reunion show and how Brandi was nervous and Adrienne was planning to ambush Lisa. This is the FIRST TIME i have EVER heard them mention the actual show on the show on any of the 'Wives (and I've watched A LOT of 'Wives). Kim Z storming out of Atlanta came close as well when Kroy lashed out at the cameras.
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Yeah I can totally see why a show about waiters requires a reunion showdizzy Don't they see each other every day at work.They're hardly being reunited.You know people have started hassling me about when I'm going to upload it like its SOOO good and is must see viewing.Of course I don't but I want to say GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!
I haven't watched it yet, but from what I read she was drunk and not holding back!

Seriously guys, If you havent watched it yet its a must see

Here's an excerpt:

Taylor (slurringly):"I wish every person could feel the love that I have now"

Wonky Eyed Man Squirrel:"I wish I could feel the booze high you have right now"

I was like shocked,did he just say that!?tittertitter

She also accuses Kyle of having "Japanese Hair Extensions"lollol and Andy discusses his wonky eye!!
I just feel like most things she does are staged so when she does have this real moment, I struggle to recognise it as that. I hope that doesn't sound too horrible

I thought exactly the same thing PetieRee1867 .We've already been duped once by Kenya so why would we trust her again? The only thing that gave the story some gravity was the Doctor seemed genuine.I hope we don't read down the track she's Kenya's sister or cousin and actually a Podiatrist.
I also had a laugh when Porsha said "guilty until proven guilty",She'd do well on jury duty wouldn't shetitter
Firstly I want to comment about something off topic and thats how crazy the TV schedule is.Why are all the popular shows on Sunday and Monday nights? I'm not just talking about the ones I upload but in general.It seems everything is on these 2 nights and the rest of the week is dead.Who do we need to talk to about spreading out shows!dizzy

I actually enjoyed Atlanta this week although some of it I found very irritating. I want to mention Kenya's storyline and try and be as sensitive as I can owing to the seriousness of the topic HOWEVER i need to call her out on a couple of things. Obviously having any type of cancer scare is a frightening thing to have to face and it seems she didn't mind how far the camera was allowed to go with her during the diagnosis which was commendable.What I had a hard time with was her blaming the "stress" elements of her life on two things and two things only. Those being the fake relationship with Walter and the Horses Ass video storyline.On two occasions she cited these two issues in her life as the crux of her problems.If a fake relationship and a failed video are her two biggest issues in life then half her luck! At least her scare seems to have more authenticity than Kim's cancer fakery in Season 1.

Cynthia really can be a prize bitch can't she? That meeting with Porsha was like lambs to the slaughter. Who the fuck does she and her gay minions think they are reading her the rules like she was in boarding school! When that queen said "We don't talk condescending here" in the most condescending manner I thought "bitch please!", where's Kenya's security* to go all Pookie on yo' ass (Sheree fans will recognize that terminology).If the woman doesn't want to host a meeting about a effin pageant in her house she doesn't have to.Cynthia always makes out her events are so important and yet she always comes across as very amateur.
After Cynthia uninvited her from helping out I thought lucky Porsha, distance yourself as much as possible from that bitch and her bitchy queens and what will probably be a train wreck.Porsha is sweet but lordy she's dumb.

Porsha's dumbness is magnified when we have a scene with Kandi in the recording studio and you really see how smart and talented she is.I loved watching her in her creative role,I'm in awe of her talent. And the fact that she is so in luuurve makes me happy as well boo I can't see her on the show much longer as she really does seem to "Fly Above" all the silly drama.

I thought that Cordell's party looked quite drab and plain in that big boring house with all those rooms.Not being a gambler I don't get why that would be a focus of a party.And how about Walter showing up? Could he have been more uncomfortable and awkward.Why is he still getting airtime.Is he supposed to be the former lover of Kenya.Does Bravo think we're that stupid? Oh and his ears are weirdorama!!

Oh yeah, NeNe was in it for about 2 minutes discussing the lack of cell phone reception in THE HOLLYWOOD HILLS where she lives which is also not near Atlanta which is the name of the show.At this stage she couldn't be any less relevant if she tried.

What did y'all think?

*I wonder whatever happened to Kenya's security by the way.Remember in the opening episodes she said she didn't go anywhere without them? Now she has to resort to tooling around with Miss Lawrencetitter
I wasn't going to upload it as I don't know if I can get as good copies as this again but when they started talking about butt implants that was it, my chips were intitter I knew Nikkita65704 and all of the butt implant detectives had to see thisbiggrin
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