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The question is what Movie can you watch over and over.. singular as in ONE.. did not ask for a list of Movies.. so, in the spirit of that particular quest.. I will go with The Matrix..
I looked at your uploads, mostly apps and games... what did you expect? Games are Always going to be HIGH maintenance.. Your a bit new at this so you probably need to adjust your attitude..If your not doing it for the good of the community then you are in for a rough ride. laissez le bon ton roulet...
I have a fairly extensive collection of dvd's and a hard drive full of movies. Years may go by before I watch any particular movie again. Why the need to see a certain movie or actor again? I don't have any idea.. The most recent was the "Blade" trilogy. Binge watched all 3 on a Saturday.. Only stopped long enough for snacks..rofl I recently went to see the new "Mad Max" remake at the local theater, and it was action packed from start to finish.. Really enjoyed it. clap
Hilarious.. Pirates offended by other Pirates because they steal stuff!! HELLO?.. EZTV is not a Fortune 500 Company!!! Describing what happened as a "Hostile Takeover" is a a bit of a stretch.
I have been with EZTV since the beginning.. 10 years now? Anyone that has relationships with other members at that site know that EZTV has been disintegrating in the last 6-7 months.
Admin banned site moderators that have been there since the beginning. The release dates on torrents started appearing later and later. They stopped batching properly, they stopped removing B/O torrents in a timely manner.. and the list goes on.
I think there is way more to this story than we know.
The new guys are being described as "scammers"..Really? You mean Pirates? Maybe the takeover came from the inside. They sure latched onto the Admin email and passwords fast enough. That allowed them to change domains. I still DL from that site and have had no new security problems, no over/under ads, noone has asked me for a bitcoin donation!!
I personally think that NovaKing gave up on this site 6-7 months ago and we will probably never know why.. EZTV gave us some good innovations.. standardized RSS feeds and live streaming are just a couple. Somehere along the way Novaking stopped caring.. but, hey this is only my opinion. I don't trust Pirates anyway..
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Now playing in my hometown of Albuquerque, NM...clapclapclap
wrong image
* The Twilight Zone * Gunsmoke
* The Adams Family * Outer Limits
* Andy Griffith Show * Wagon Train
* Bewitched * Dick Van Dyke Show
* Mr Ed * Ed Sullivan (early years)
* I Love Lucy * Dark Shadows
* Rawhide * My Favorite Martian
* Beverly Hillbilles * The Lone Ranger
* F Troop * Leave it to Beaver
Now that I think about it, there were a
You have a computer and still can't be bothered to use spell check and correctly spell the word comfortably in your blog title? hmmmmmmmmmmm
I was going to rate myself but I guess I would have to take some sort of test first to set a baseline.. It's sort of a subjective question isn't it? There are 12 year olds that have better skills than myself but I get by for the things that I want to do.. and considering this is a replay of a 3 1/2 year old thread, OS's have moved 2-3 generations since then...
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