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Rush 2112(album)
elton john goodbye yellow brick road(album)
fleetwood mac Rumors(album)
steve miller abracadabra
dire straits millionaire blues
dire straits brothers in arms
mark knoffler song for sonny liston
figured it out.i have a add-on in firefox called unity player and i guess it's a bad add-on blocked everything from streaming or d/ling so disabled that and it's working fine now.thnxs for the help folks :)
lol yup reset modem did all that before i came on here to start sniveling hahahahahhaa
tried d/led 2nd season of game of thrones with 3500 seeds and peers.been doing it a long time and never had a problem with bittorrent hmmmm..and it says d/ not sure whats going on thought it was this site but i can't d/led from any site
can't d/led anything from anysite says d/ling but it never starts and no seeds or peers show up.this just started this morning...
is it just me or is anyone else having problems downloading with bittorent?
replies: 1724
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pink floyd Darkside of the moon and the Wall
sorry couldn't pick songs of the albums so just listed the albums
Here is a news flash for you folks....
Viruses and spyware are 2 completely different things a virus will destroy your hard drive by erasing the 0 track or taking out you Rom,Ram,and even your CMOS that is a virus and unless you been around for 20 years you have know idea what the Micheal angilo virus,spider,rock and a whole bunch more.That is what those virus detectors look for not spyware,adware or any thing else that snoops for your info.the best thing to do is use mse to find and remove the spyware..Now for you mozella users there are a couple add-ons that can help you..Better Privacy for the new LSO cookies that are stored in your java,Self-Destructing cookies(deletes cookies after the page loads),ad-block plus and ad-block plus add on for pop-up and of course peer block when your d/ling.
of course this is just my opinion but been working on these things since '79 smile
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