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Looking for an album by Vinnie Jones called respect, can't seem to find it anywhere. Here's some info if anyone can help:
I'll be finished getting this in 1-2 hours
props cause I too couldn't find anything
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props cause I too couldn't find anything
If anyone else wants it, it's here:
Looking for Ministry of Sound Vicious Cuts 2012. I already have 2009, 2010 and 2011. But I can't find 2012 anywhere!

More info: http://www.ministryofsound.c...ease/2012/vicious-cuts-2012/
Rodney Carrington Discography
Please help with M.I.A., more than kala...thank you for your kindness.
Blue States - Sum­ Of The Parts 2009

Release at Discogs

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Looking for any albums or mixtapes by H Kayne, and other Moroccan rap artists. Have found some torrents, but they are old and have no seeders. Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.
i'm looking for albums by pansy division... i've found the torrents for "pile up" and the "essential collection, but i'm trying to locate their full back catalog (or as close to it as possible).
thanx for the help
Shooter Jennings Family Man Cd Rip
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I'm looking for albums by "Weekend Excursion"... or a discography of their albums. They got four to six albums out, recently reunited band. I'm particularly interested in getting their album, "4 x 6". But a discography would be nice, if anybody has their albums. Didn't find them anywhere in the torrent websites.

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