Annoying things they do in movies:

Maybe it's just me but there are a number of things characters seem to do in movies that are really irritating.
For example:
They walk into homes and leave doors wide open behind them.
They hang up the telephone without saying "bye".
They order drinks, take one sip, then leave.
They don't unclasp necklaces, they pull them off breaking them in the process. (then sometimes immediately put them on as though the clasp is still intact)
They throw away expensive firearms just because they've run out of ammo.
They pour gasoline on the ground then toss in a perfectly good Zippo lighter.
There are many more but what do you think?
Any that spring to mind that you find annoying?
Or is it really just me?
Edit: Annoying movie clichés or repetitive storylines are also welcome, but please, if you reference a movie directly, try to include a spoiler warning if it needs one.
My heartfelt thanks to all who have commented, it's been great fun!
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in fight scene, where bullets are everywhere and people are getting hurt we see hero running through the bullet storm and getting out without a scratch while bodies near him continue to fall!

lolI already tried that, during a paintball game, and believe me, the cinema is far from reality. These suckers shot me right in the only unprotected part of my body huffy
I'm with you on this, but what about when the only good bits were in the trailer, but they weren't even in the movie?
I can't think of an example off the top of my head, but I do remember that there were movies that people went to because of the trailers and were disappointed because those scenes were missing.

Yeh i don't know how they can get away with it, isn't it basically false advertising?
Paranormal Activity 3 got quite a backlash for that, there were about 4 scenes showed in various trailers that never made the final cut. dizzy

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you know how it used to be the token black guy and nowadays its the token indian guy? hate that

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this really has you annoyed doesnt it titter
funny you mentioned that because what i wrote earlier about the 'star' that never gets shot was actually me thinking of this movie... remember the run across the field to the shed!.. come on what a load of s*it lol

Oh yes!... never arnie... Noooooo
Sex. I was watching Homeland a couple of days ago. The intercourse lasted 5 seconds at most, no foreplay, nothing, but she looked completely satisfied. This is unreal. And it's not the only case I've seen.

Baths with all the candles on. Yes, I do like having a bath with some candles on, at times, but not with 200 of them. Can you imagine the smoke and smell, when you turn them off?

Lingerie. Babes always have perfectly matching lace lingerie, even if they're cops and they've been running after the bad guys all day. Not a boob popping out, not a g-string getting in. Have you got an idea of how it is like running and sweating into lace panties and bra? funk Go for cotton, for God's sake!
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When characters are involved in a fist fight (that would kill a normal person and may include weapons and getting hit with things like table legs etc) and at the end all they have is a perfect, cute even, scratch above the eye and some rips in their clothing.
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They seem to be able to go weeks without eating or drinking.
I hate it when they close the blinds
i always hate those so called "reality" TV shows where there always seem to be a camera man inside a persons home and then they open the door all surprised when the host of the show is at the door
thank you lol its just me

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