•New Signature Design Competition• for August 2012

Please vote for August 2012 signature winner :

1. Wolftatt2
14 (9%)
2. Smittech
7 (5%)
3. Hex™
17 (11%)
4. cultleader13
6 (4%)
5. arkim44
1 (1%)
6. thhaque
13 (9%)
7. ChingLiu
20 (14%)
8. xbt
2 (1%)
9. Psychokittn
25 (17%)
10. OfManyEars
3 (2%)
11. webRG
4 (3%)
12. AfT3RLiF3™
36 (24%)
Mr.Pink200.38K Site Administrator
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Signature Design Competition August 2012
Firstly I want to say congratulations to our winner wrong user link and the other 9 applicants that took part in julys competition.

We have decided because of the high demand of art to do a competition every month with a new member of the mod team to be based on. This signature will be used for no shorter than a month by the member of the mod team it has been designed for. What better way to advertise your skills.
Good luck to all that apply and happy designing as I am sure this month will blow us all away just as much as the last.

The mod this signature has to be designed for is

Mr.Pink200.38K Site Administrator
posts: 3374uploads: 103
Let the games begin :) good luck to all
Can't wait to see what maddj1436 comes up with this time.biggrin
Suzitastik76.67K KAT Elite Mod
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I am sooo happy with my sig .. thank you so much all who entered. And I can not wait to see what Fred's sig is .. woot all of ya ! lovelinessbooboo
Smittech136.61K Forum Moderator
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Well, here we go again! Gonna try and make a really good one this time. (Like I haven't really been trying, right) Good luck to everyone and it is a pleasure to compete with all of you fantastic Signature makers.biggrinbiggrinbiggrin
We are on next level!
We are on next level!
I know we all have got better since we started this competition.
TH386.38K KAT Staff
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I can n't wait for the entries......biggrinbiggrin
Well, I guess I'm first to submit again. Here goes nothing.

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