When You Log In Say Hello When You Leave Say Goodbye!

Bubanee175.05K KAT Friend
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I notice a lot of people come and go and say hello or goodbye all over the place or Neither...

So when ya log in and you feel like saying Hello....
And the same for saying Goodbye! :)

Please Do!..
I'll be the first and say Hello.. but i am going for awhile so it's Goodbye from me and you all behave now
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Good Morning Folks....just waiting patiently to watch the closing ceremony for the Olympic Games live on the telly!!!!smilesmile

Same here :)) i`ve given up on sleep.. is it Danny Boyle`s baby again?

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Good Night Friends...Time To Sleep See You In Morning......!sleepysleepysleepy
VladSam44.57K KAT Elite Mod
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okay, I'm toast. night KATers, love ya!!
My first big HELLO!
am off to catch a couple of winks...woke up early to watch the closing ceremony and now I am knackered!!!!cheerio!!!lollol
SkyMtn106.91K Super Moderator
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Good evening.
ausy49.79K Super User
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nite all im shagged dont think ill get to see any meteor shower tonight bloody spilling rain out ah well there is always utube
PiratMas20.67K Former Translator
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Good night, I'll be back! sleepy
AhrimanThorn29.23K KAT Elite Mod
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Goodnight KAT. I am going to try to get into bed before the sun comes up tonight. sleepy

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