What are you listening to right now?

Every forum has such topic, so we'll also get one! :)
The Sword - Freya

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The The-uncertain smile
The Prodigals - Ball Of Alcohol:P
Reservoir Dogs - Original Soundtrack.
Dubba Johnny - New Day
Wolfgang Gartner - Hook Shot
Metallica -Kill Em All
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Think of life without music,Silence the whole day long,Ears that don't hear rhythm Words without a song
Just don't know what to do,How could I live out my day,Would I be getting up,Wishing my life away
When the drums come crawling,The baseline moves you in,Sounds of regal splendour
Fit for a king and queen,Secrets of the universe,The mysteries of life,And the things that don't make sense,All come clear
'Cause music takes me up,Music takes me up,Yes, music takes me up
Now that we have the music,There's no turning round,Catch it in the moment,All lost in the sound,There's a brand new free loose,Something has begun,Bring us all together,Moving now as one!
Rico Bernasconi - Hit The Dust

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