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Attention KAT community!!!

Today we start a thread to be used for any issues that you are having on KAT. This will be dealt with by the Super Users or if this issue needs to be moved forward they will contact us Mods directly. There is no need to continually pm moderators as this thread has been created to help deal with most of your issues.

The Rules for this thread are...

1.)Have respect in this thread for the Super Users and KAT Elite. No abuse or foul language will be tolerated!

2.)No images or Spam will be tolerated!! Screen shots are acceptable as related to the issue.

3.)No reporting of users or torrents in this thread. There are ways and means in place to do so elsewhere here at KAT.

4.) Once you have posted your issue here, please wait for a response. Do not create threads elsewhere or pm mods, staff, admin or supers and KAT elite regarding the same issue. Multiple requests are considered spam and will be ignored.

5.) If your issue cannot be dealt with by a Super or KAT Elite they will notify a mod who can assist you.
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Yes, you need to use an img code
[IMG]like this[/IMG]
question how do i edit status with pictures do i use code?also how do i resize pictures when i post on threads?help appreciated

Yes, you need to use an img code
[IMG]like this[/IMG]

[ img ] bbcode will give you the img full size allowed
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thanks but what about pictures in posts how do i resize them
go to photobucket d/l the pic to ur comp upload it to photobuck an start playin with it
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if you use the IMG code KAT will resize them for you...
cheers SirSeedsAlot104.68K

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YouTube Tips, watch country restricted videos
It often happens that being in one country you are not allowed to view the videos of another country on YouTube.
Such restrictions may be imposed for various reasons. For example, the company that posted the video might not have the global distribution rights or it might just be a marketing strategy.
ProxTube is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows you to bypass such restrictions.
Chrome users
1) First, Download ProxTube extension from the official site.
2) The file will be downloaded as a “.crx” file.
3) Now click on the “wrench” menu and select settings.
4) Open “extensions” and also open the folder where you have saved the “.crx” file of ProxTube.
5) Now just drag and drop the “.crx” file to the “extensions” window of Chrome. The extension would be added.
6) Now open YouTube and enjoy the restricted videos!
Firefox users
1) Download the ProxTube Add-on, Click Here
2) Install it on Firefox.
3) Open YouTube and enjoy!
What is RSS?

Short for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, this handy service is revolutionizing the way we search for content.
In addition, us web searchers don't necessarily have to keep checking back to any particular site to see if it's been updated - all we need to do is subscribe to the RSS feed, much like you would subscribe to a newspaper, and then read the updates from the site, delivered via RSS feeds, in what's called a "feed reader."
RSS feeds really couldn't be simpler. They're basically simple text files that, once submitted to feed directories, will allow subscribers to see content within a very short time after it's updated
A feed reader, or feed aggregator, is just a really simple way to view all your feeds at one time via one interface.
Here is a good add for Chrome Firefox and Safari
Enabling the RSS feed for Movies for example will have all the updates going straight to your feed even if your not logged in here to keep you up-to-date with all the latest in that category!

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As another question, I have an older torrent that is in dire need to be updated with newer files. What is the correct and proper thing to do here? Keep the older one and edit the description to point at the newer one or delete the older one and just upload the newer version?
You could Use this

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