Official Statement About Site Problems

For the users that don't read our blog I'll post our official site problem statement here.

Many of our our users are very displeased with constant website problems, so we decided to make an official statement.

When we started KickassTorrents, we had a goal to create something more that "just another torrent site". We wanted to create a website that would be both user friendly and technically advanced. So accurate work, careful planning and thinking ahead were the initial cornerstones of KickassTorrents. Of course our tech crew predicted the growth of our popularity, still we were sure that our current resources will be able to handle the number of users at least for few more months. Unfortunately we couldn't predict the situation with The Pirate Bay and the legalization of Mininova, so we were truly surprised with the tsunami of users.

At KickassTorrents we always try to provide only the best solutions for our users, so naturally we haven't just moved the first available bigger hosting. During the last week we were planning all the details of our expand and upcoming upgrades. Right now we are moving to a new platform that will nor only make the website stable, but will also give us a great possibility to expand our website even more.

We want to thank all our supporters, our verified uploaders and especially our young community moderation crew, that is constantly working to make our friendly friendly and comfortable. And we guarantee that your patience will be rewarded with an even bigger and better KickassTorrents!

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rndmfrd22249.34K KAT Elite Mod
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It shows you that the High Powers are very sparse with their communications and rather rehash an old post with a very general message.They are certainly not into sharing. Hilariouslollollol

This thread is from 2 years ago, idk why everyone is commenting on it and please be more respectful mmkay ?
The site is now in directory format.
Yes it is....maybe a move by the powers that be to remind us how lucky we really are? :)
If the hosting company server cannot handle the capacity Tchorbus then it might be time to suggest moving to a new host and obtaining new forum software.
Just a thought. :)
Whoa! KAT is messed up today!!
all good guys, prolly just a bugfix, for me its over anyway :)
For the moment Biff but to me the writing is on the wall as I've been a forum admin before today and these are classic signs of a server that cannot cope.
We shall see mate. smile
594mgnav33.55K Verified uploader
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great thing.!! quality site now needs some quality time.!
go on m8...lets work for the better future...
I'm still in directory ability to vote, no PM, no edit bar in comments...anybody else in the same boat....

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