Ultimate (Must Have) Software Download Thread

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In this thread share the ultimate downloads for pc and mac that the community could use.....All Softwares that help in lots of different way are accepted....
Plz don't post movies, music or games torrents on this page
Also when posting link please put a picture up as well of what is getting downloaded....
Thanks and feel free to use this thread KAT community.....
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This is a great thread. Most of the stuff I would recommend has already been mentioned. A couple of little known pieces of Software which I use on my Mac which haven't are:
- Comic Reader
- Yasu

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yamicsoft windows 7 manager
The TWEAKUI of Windows7. actually its the 1st i came across while looking for a tweakui-like program, i dont really know if there's others like it or better coz im okay with this one

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Can anyone get Ultimate Call Screen Pro here free?
there is a free version but many features r loacked so need a pro version for my Android samsung galaxy note.
Ultimate Call Screen Pro fully unlocked...
microsoft word
google chrome
adobe audition 1.5
youtube downloader
two tiny simple little programs that nobodys ever heard of but i find pretty useful. they both run in the tray, and you can enable/disable them from there:

- a program which locks your cd drive so you dont accidentally hit cd eject while handling your laptop, or if you have lil kids that like to press buttons.

- a program that you can set a timer to put your computer to sleep or shut down (say after a download that will finish late at night and dont want to stay up for to shut your computer down after)

and of course
-vlc media player
-tuneup utilities or iobit advanced system care
-superantispyware pro
-microsoft security essentials
and hirens boot cd or ultimate boot cd just in case
-an utorrent.
If you have utorrent, click on 'Options', 'Auto-Shutdown', 'Shut-down when downloads complete' has a good effect.
unknown torrent
Total Video Converter works wonders for me.....can make a really bad download bearable or an average one fantastic....also allows you to convert files for any player
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Guys/Gals here's a tip.. as the thread suggested do place links because eventually this thread is going to be cleaned up either by myself or another mod.. this is shaping up to be a good thread with good stuff!... Cheers! biggrin
my pics
all free..
VLC as mentioned 100 times before
Music .NFO Builder
just a few....

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I'd give you a link to scrapebox, but apparently nobody has cracked it in the last year
so I'll just say, if you can find it, it's an amazing tool
meanwhile back in my evil lair, I'll be cracking it hopefully for everyone
Great Thread!
Everything i need for optimize my pc is in here,
Great stuff guys keep on posting ;)
nvm found one, uploaded it for you guys

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