Civilization III 3 Full [eng][patch][crack][zimoch]

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Civilization III 3 Full [eng][patch][crack][zimoch] (Size: 1.18 GB)
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  Civilization 3 Play the world and Conquest[eng]
  Civilization 3 [eng]


In Civilization III Gold Edition, you match wits against the greatest leaders of all time in a quest to build the ultimate empire. Strategy game fans can now enjoy this highly addictive journey of discovery with its much-improved follow-up expansion pack, Civilization III: Play the World. Together, the Gold Edition provides more ways to win, more pathways to explore, and more strategies to employ, as well as exciting online play modes. With Civilization III Gold Edition, you can enjoy unmatched strategic game play alone or against players from around the world.

Enjoy !!

by Zimoch

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Civilization III 3 Full [eng][patch][crack][zimoch]


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DelireWeb9 • 15 Feb 2014, 17:31
Works fine with Windows7! Many thanks to the Zimoch for this upload! However, the original instructions of the readme file are too vague. To make the game WORK, follow these instructions:

1. Unrar the file in "Civilization 3 [eng]" folder using Winrar or other compatible rar extractor.

2. Mount the .eng image file via a virtual drive (using WinCDEmu - the best and most simple OpenSource Virtual CD app downloadable from SourceForge, with which these instructions were made - or DAEMON TOOL).

3. Install the game by right-clicking Setup.exe (NOT Autorun.exe) and selecting in the contextual menu "Execute as Administrator" (just in case). When asked after installation, Do NOT Register the game, do NOT execute the game.

4. Unmount the virtual drive : from Windows Explorer, right-click its drive letter and "Eject".

4'. Do the same thing (1 to 4) with the "Civilization 3 Play the world and Conquest[eng]" folder.

5. From the Patch folder, via winrar (or other compatible extractor), extract each and every one of the three patches into the installation folder (which is usually "C:\Program Files (x86)\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III"), executing them one after the other (or course in ascending sequence of their version number), so as to make this installation a full game version 1.29f.

6. From the Crack folder, extract Civilization3.exe from "Civilization 3 v1.29f NoCD Crack.rar" into the installation folder, replacing the original file (before doing so you can rename the original if you want to keep it). DO NOT USE THE OTHER CRACKS that are available in the Crack folder.

7. PLAY THE GAME!!! Note that at the beginning you may see a half-black half-white screen : I think it's because the video intro is missing. Simply click your left mouse button to skip the intro and voilà.

Last edited by DelireWeb, 1 year and 6 months ago

_Pirate_553 • 06 May 2014, 14:27
torrent downloaded
Thanks. Works perfectly. Tested on Windows 7 Ultimate x86. biggrin

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The.Phenom3218 • 19 Jul 2015, 23:12
torrent downloaded
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Thank You
anonymous • 06 Jul 2015, 18:10 Show comment
khildran40 • 26 Jun 2015, 18:31
torrent downloaded
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All is ok! Thx!
Froii39 • 25 Jun 2015, 05:22
torrent downloaded
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Good, its perfectly working, just follow the instruction above.
The.Phenom3218 • 23 Jun 2015, 22:57
torrent downloaded
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thank you
anonymous • 03 Jun 2015, 18:33 Show comment
works fine, there are many rar files, but unrar one from each folder
stellakim03212 • 19 Apr 2015, 08:12 Show comment
It works on Windows 8.1
I followed DelireWeb's instruction precisely to play Ceasar 3

But after 6, I also extracted Civilization 3 Conquest v1.22 NOCD Crack.rar into Conquest installation folder .

both original and conquest versions work fine on Windows 8.1.

Kudos to uploader, seeders and Delireweb.

Last edited by stellakim0321, 4 months ago

Krampus2157 • 09 Apr 2015, 16:12
torrent downloaded
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I saw all the please help me comments and so I downloaded this version and gave it a shot.. First off its a split file that takes a double installation. Also it requires cracks and patches that need to be separated and installed to individual locations. For anyone to help you guys out here I would suggest that you sign up for a KAT account so you can get a PM. Personal mail. It is a rough shod set up and the Main info lacks much of any info at all. - Same with the included 'Read Me' file.

This is what it claims to be. So I wont thumbs down it but if you are not experienced with setting up ISO files and doing the cracks patches then maybe try another torrent.

* Even having experience it took me three tries to set this up so here I wish we had a set up difficulty rating and I would give it a high number or a "Pain in the Kick@ss" award
** Also please note to fully remove this from your computer you have to go into -> C:\Program Files to remove it, using UNinstall through "control panel" will leave residual info. (Typical of all Sid Meyers games)

Last edited by Krampus, 4 months ago

anonymous • 07 Apr 2015, 03:24 Show comment
Installation help please
anonymous • 13 Mar 2015, 11:59 Show comment
how to install ? easy read the name patch -crack :D i hope u get it
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