Teenager died after playing too much Diablo III.

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Teenager died after playing too much Diablo III.

Asian players are known for their dedication to the games, but pelimanuaalien recommendations for the marketing of breaks are not quite in vain. This was most recently experienced Taiwanese player who died after playing 40 hours of Diablo III: a tube.
18-year-old Chuang had booked a private room internet cafe on Friday, 13 July, and died two days later, after playing Diablo III game for 40 hours straight without eating. Chuang was found after sleeping in from the table, but awake, he jumped up and fell down unconscious, and was found dead later in hospital. The reason of death was found in the same position for a long time sitting, which had caused a fatal cardiovascular problem.

Chuang's death is not the first death due to excessive gambling, but with Asia in fatalities has occurred over the years a number. In addition to himself as dead pelanneiden in Shanghai in 2005, one player was murdered with a knife against players sold murderer borrowed the game object Ebay store. The murderer was later found guilty and received the death penalty in his work.

The United States is kunnostauduttu gaming-related deaths, but in a slightly different way than in Asia. While Asians have played themselves to death, in the United States has more cases in which children have been abandoned and died of a representative or a parent to focus on gaming. However, the most recent case, for the year 2010 16-year-old boy killed his mother with a hammer mother seized the son of the PlayStation game console.

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Blog: Teenager died after playing too much Diablo III.

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SirDominus1670 • 21 Jul 2012, 03:39
Good thing this hasn't happened to me with all the porn I look
styrofoam1567 • 21 Jul 2012, 06:26
Too bad there wasn't any healer nearby to resurrect him , oh wait this is real life
jiffylubebro60 • 21 Jul 2012, 05:22
I kinda want to try Diablo 3 now
grumpygoose2687 • 21 Jul 2012, 05:31
Well, you have to consider that anyone who plays for 40 hours straight is probably not in the best health anyway. It is unfortunate that he died, but it could have been avoided. He could have gotten up once in a while and walked around.

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Mariba2628 • 08 Dec 2012, 10:45 Show comment
I wanna play that game now
theplock991026 • 28 Jul 2012, 04:48 Show comment
That's some screwed up crap right there, folks.
alwayseeding217 • 21 Jul 2012, 13:20 Show comment
Diablo III isn't that bad, the fact that so much authentication is required when you login, and if you login from two different IP addresses they will freeze your account for "suspicious activity"...Remember when video games would say you should take 15 minute breaks every two hours or so...???
VintageTorrie5164 • 21 Jul 2012, 13:13 Show comment
"16-year-old boy killed his mother with a hammer mother seized the son of the PlayStation game console"
Pick_n_Roll21.14K • 21 Jul 2012, 12:56 Show comment
"However, the most recent case, for the year 2010 16-year-old boy killed his mother with a hammer mother seized the son of the PlayStation game console."
What a fucked up kid, glad I am not like him neither I have been awarded with PS :P
deadkatz5 • 21 Jul 2012, 12:05 Show comment
Its the summer, I so far have spent all of my days playing video games, but i have the brains to eat, sleep, drink, and run around the block every day... now im going to be hearing about this for weeks. Im sorry but if you dont have the brains to even go and eat or sleep, and your 18 years old, im not gonna feel sorry for you. 40 hours of DiabloIII with out stoping is just asking for problems, after the first 30 hours your probally so exausted your thinking your actually in Diablo. huffy
VintageTorrie5164 • 21 Jul 2012, 11:28 Show comment
Since it's the summer, I have 7 weeks free, and so far have been spending literally ALL day playing video games. However, the reason that I haven't died, is because I EAT, DRINK, SLEEP AND WALK AROUND AT REGULAR INTERVALS. I even take my dog for a walk to get fresh air.
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