For The Sake Of The Cause

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I'll admit that most of the time I am a selfish bastard and I pirate because I am addicted to collecting things. I have hundreds of movies, some of which I have never even watched, countless albums, thousands of eBooks . . . It isn't for some sacred cause that I found this path. I got here because I like to stick it to the man; I am here now because I have become convinced this is the right thing to do.

I used cracked software, ripped DVDs and CDs and shared files with my friends (in real life) long before I ever even heard of torrents. When I did, I just used to hit and run- getting what I wanted without even seeding at all. Somewhere along the line this changed for me.

I uploaded my first album.

No one commented, very few people downloaded it and I got absolutely no recognition for it- but it still felt awesome. Knowing that I had uploaded something that wasn't out there anywhere made me feel like I was part of a bigger picture . . . part of a new subculture where goodwill is actually alive and well. Now I understand what it takes for encoders and uploaders to get that content to us and happily seed what I've taken and more.

One of the few places left where people actually go out of their way to help others is here in the file sharing community. We strive to be the first to supply, retrieve, reseed and answer questions; we laugh and learn together- and most of all, we stick it to the man . . . together. I for one am proud to be a part of this.

Sharing . . . it is the only way.

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Pringlescan23.23K • 26 Jul 2012, 01:56
Someone asked my before "why I keep uploading when my torrents only get about 3 people downloading it"? I told him, those are 3 happy people that I made happy.
SirSeedsAlot109.63K • 26 Jul 2012, 04:18
chin up you have some great uploads!!
tchorbus2488 • 26 Jul 2012, 03:17
wow....reading this blog was like seeing a reflection of a lot of my own motivations for beginning to upload....and Pringlescan23.23K ...that's what it's all about man....God I love KAT....

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LadyJughead3380 • 28 July 2013, 18:50 Show comment
Wow! Thanks for that eye opener. In this selfish world, it's good to realize there are people out there who care enough to do so much for others they will probably never meet, or hear from. It's quite unbelievable, frankly. And ironic that it comes in the form of a torrenting community.
TheSnowman1728 • 11 April 2013, 14:16 Show comment
good blog and i concur and above all...
ausy49.58K • 10 April 2013, 17:57 Show comment
where was i that i missed this lol
Wildcard485 • 10 April 2013, 19:43 Show comment
prolly pirating something lol

Togachu32.18K • 11 August 2012, 01:45 Show comment
Comment is deleted
Wildcard485 • 15 August 2012, 02:40 Show comment
That's right wink

TimeBandits74.19K • 26 July 2012, 14:45 Show comment
Nicely put, all hail the cause!biggrin
tyr14718 • 26 July 2012, 12:19 Show comment
Good on ya buddy and well said and put,it is frustrating not getting a thank you or even a constructive comment where you've gone wrong,but it is about the share feels like your giving something back for others to hopefully enjoy.
dunky769671 • 26 July 2012, 10:57 Show comment
Amen bro.
Pick_n_Roll21.13K • 26 July 2012, 08:02 Show comment
my sisters says to me everytime, "Why do you waste time in here uploading and you don't get paid for it?" I say, "Sharing is caring is the p2p theme" and then she laughs, lol she'll never understand.....
Phoenix4ever10.06K • 26 July 2012, 05:35 Show comment
<3 bro
SirSeedsAlot109.63K • 26 July 2012, 04:18 Show comment
chin up you have some great uploads!!
Wildcard485 • 26 July 2012, 23:01 Show comment
Thanks man smile

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