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I've seen lots of people who dreams being like rock stars or other great personalities ...and famous persons ...

If we take kat as world ... some people who wanted to be superhero would tell they wanna be thebatman0 ... whoever wanted to be writer they will dream of being SirSeedsAlot112.38K .. .. those who wanted to be dancer sure they would love to be wrong user link

But i've never wanted to be like anybody else ..... Coz I like the way i am ...

This is my theory of living ...coz I believe ...

we should never change ourself to become Like somebody...if we do .. we are killing ourselves... So No-one can play your role better than you ..


Its better and you are the best When

You are You

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Blog: sAY nO

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Pick_n_Roll21.14K • 24 Sep 2012, 09:17
kk so the purpose of the blog was to deep shit thebatman0 , SirSeedsAlot112.38K , wrong user link?? lol *kidding*
I guess I owe you can explanation, I don't/never wanted to become like Batman as I know it's a fictional character and I can't be it, even if there's a chance I don't have any good resources lol....but I once thought what it would be like to be like it :P
Nice blog though, it's good to be self-satisfied but at the same time real time hard!titter
zeke23259.74K • 24 Sep 2012, 09:06
It is said{ by god knows who!!!}Love your self first and all else will follow!!!
Lancelot233.72K • 24 Sep 2012, 08:50
SirSeedsAlot112.38K isn't a writer, he's a God! *begins sacrificing small animals*

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Taunchi2985 • 25 Sep 2012, 03:23 Show comment
I once met a person that was exactly like me. It turned out to be my alternate reality doppelganger. The only difference between us was that he didn't waste his time reading Kat blogs and went on to be a famous musician. titter
F.U.B.A.R7459 • 24 Sep 2012, 23:56 Show comment
you wanna le to say no ? so NOOOOOOOOOOOO
luckygrrrl1062 • 24 Sep 2012, 22:20 Show comment
all the king's horses and all the king's couldn't put the GRRRL back together again - so then she became Luckygrrrl and life was good
SirSeedsAlot112.38K • 24 Sep 2012, 18:16 Show comment
I told my cat to bee himself..he was confused
SirSeedsAlot112.38K • 24 Sep 2012, 18:17 Show comment
get it?? Be yourself?? He bee'd himself...dressed as a bee...anyone?? anyone?? Bee yourself??
RoughJustice32.91K • 24 Sep 2012, 22:31 Show comment
I thought you told your cat to 'pee' himself Seeds... lollol
SirSeedsAlot112.38K • 24 Sep 2012, 22:38 Show comment
that's a different video hee hee
TheMadMan28.62K • 25 Sep 2012, 11:42
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hee hee makes you hee self !!!! titter

Usama22343851 • 24 Sep 2012, 17:58 Show comment
Yes i am Saying NO>> anything else i say.. lol.
Sylar739311 • 24 Sep 2012, 17:08 Show comment
You are right TheMadMan28.62K , we should be with the qualities that are bestowed upon us and not try to mimic others simply because they fascinate us. But trying to implement the good qualities of others in our behaviour is also a good sign!
F.U.B.A.R7459 • 24 Sep 2012, 16:49 Show comment
I'm what I'm ...... Someone HAS to BE
Ankans1977 • 24 Sep 2012, 16:20 Show comment
Be the way you are, and be proud that nobody's like you..!!!winkwink
Ryukami721 • 24 Sep 2012, 16:13 Show comment
Comment is deleted
Rgeneb15279 • 24 Sep 2012, 16:25 Show comment
You having a bad day?
SirSeedsAlot112.38K • 24 Sep 2012, 18:14 Show comment
yikes!! someone needs a hug!!

Silent_Seeder2846 • 24 Sep 2012, 15:57 Show comment
I couldn't have said it any better!
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