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On the eve of my destruction I only saw you.
The one who brought me to this point.
A being of flesh like me, but shrouded in something sinister.
My senses betrayed me into safety.
My heart lied to me for feelings.
My mind flashed images of fact, but later proved fictional.

At the start I was on the verge of happiness.
The long nights of longing now over.
Eyes dripping with sorrow dried into blue pools of love.
Heart beating to the sounds of your voice.
My everything was now yours.
Contentment was fast approaching and I was waiting with open arms.

Days turned to weeks which melded into months.
Years followed one another with contentment and hope.
Bodies shrouded in immense feelings from one another.
Eyes only seeing what it wants to see.
Blind to the cracks forming in the levee.
All at once the levee breaks.

No longer content but longing for the end.
Crawling slowly to the destruction sought.
No longer seeing you with clear vision.
Wanting it to fade away and go back to normal.
Finding the ledge was easy, falling is the hard part.
I see coming towards me ready to push.

Do you push me over the edge?

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Pringlescan23.28K • 28 Jul 2013, 03:27
It's a poem about my current state. Not that anything is going to happen. It's about me and my feelings for the woman I love. It's complicated and confusing. Drawing out a lot of things that have laid dormant.
Pringlescan23.28K • 28 Jul 2013, 08:18
Nah I have no desire to do anything stupid. Writing is the way I vent things. I figure it's safer than drinking or playing with firearms. Though paper cuts can get nasty.
jazzy4kat114.41K • 28 Jul 2013, 07:43
*On the eve Of my destruction*
I hope you didn't do anything hasty !!!,i can feel your pain
Its Beautifully written your very talented ..
climb down of that ledge and write us another :)

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WoLvrIn31516 • 30 July 2013, 09:43 Show comment
sweat poems poems hard to understand... I was weak in my english poetry class too...... sweat
ChissyCheeze3551 • 30 July 2013, 06:38 Show comment
It's like this girl I began talking to awhile ago. We spent several nights talking until the morning and then's like where the hell did she go? What the hell did I do to make this all end? But I look over what has happened and look for happiness elsewhere, no matter how much I hate my current state...
ChasingCoyote12.68K • 30 July 2013, 17:14 Show comment
if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with (quoted, obviously)

maximersk186.21K • 29 July 2013, 19:47 Show comment
The ones who get the same spams on the words on this blog, just tell me...
Dupely1197 • 28 July 2013, 21:16 Show comment
Now the first day that I met ya
I was looking in the sky
When the sun turned all a blur
and the thunderclouds rolled by
The sea began to shiver
and the wind began to moan
It must've been a sign for me
to leave you well alone
I was born without you, baby
but my feelings were a little bit too strong
you never said you love me
and I don't believe you can
'cause I saw you in a dream
and you were with another man
You looked so cool and casual
and I tried to look the same
But now I've got to know ya
tell me who am I to blame?
I was born without you, baby
but my feelings were a little bit too strong
Now the whole wide world is movin'
'cause there's iron in my heart
I just can't keep from cryin'
'cause you say we've got to part
Sorrow grips my voice as I stand here all alone
And watch you slowly take away
a love I've never known
I was born without you, baby
but my feelings were a little bit too strong

women... can't live with em, please pass the beer nuts...
TimeBandits74.36K • 28 July 2013, 17:43 Show comment
A sad poem really, but always remember; the best way to get over one love is in the arms of
SkyMtn99.73K • 28 July 2013, 16:00 Show comment
A very Metaphysical story.
Thank you for sharing.
Iseeyounow2135 • 28 July 2013, 15:19 Show comment
This offering shows great promise. Please carry on...biggrin
IanMark3027 • 28 July 2013, 15:12 Show comment
Sir you are very talented, me gusta.
ReJaKted-sama28.88K • 28 July 2013, 15:08 Show comment
I was expecting a shit blog.tongue
Poem's nice. At least now I know why you're that into romantic stuff. Life's depressing and so is love. It's a bitter battle.. :/
If it you haven't confessed already, then I suggest you better decide on it fast or your state may get worse.funk
Best of
Pringlescan23.28K • 28 July 2013, 18:56 Show comment
Oh I've confesses and dated said girl. Even proposed and been engaged to her.
ReJaKted-sama28.88K • 30 July 2013, 18:16 Show comment
Hmmmm.....well then that's no reason to be depressed. Having doubts?
Pringlescan23.28K • 30 July 2013, 19:01 Show comment
Went aren't together anymore. Needing to both workout some life issues and personal things before/if we continue.
ReJaKted-sama28.88K • 01 August 2013, 12:21 Show comment
Well, I hope those matters are workedout on pretty soon and that things go back to normal between you and her. :)

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