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Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 32 Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso/Your Lie In April

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What it's about?
Music, music and music. It's about way more but the first thing you see and hear is music. But it's about friendship, romance, hardships and getting over tragedy. It's deeper than it appears and it fooled me.

Why I recommend it?
At first I was thinking it was like any other music related anime, boring. But after watching it for more than a few episodes that wasn't the case. It became this deep sensitive masterpiece with a great soundtrack. The characters from start to finish were built perfectly. The story was to it's finest point it could be. By the time it was over I was a sobbing mess of a man wishing my feels were ok.

What I wish it had.
As always.... more. It needed more I wanted more, but how it ended I'm ok with that. Nothing was left to open to need more. If they would create more I couldn't imagine what would be added. In the end maybe an alternate ending, but even that is far fetched.


Story: 10
Character: 10
Rewatchable: 10
Overall: 10


Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso trailer

Chapter 10. Broken Anvil

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Here is the next chapter of "... Patience, Grace" Click the red lettering to see read previous chapters.

Chapter 10. Broken Anvil

Weeks later

‘Ting, ting, ting’

“How long has he been working for?” asked Alice as she handed Oliver his lunch.

“Three weeks straight I’d guess.”

“Has he and Lilith talked at all?”


“I’ll take that as a no then.”

“Have you talked to her since you watch Juno?”

Nodding Alice took a bit of her sandwich.

“How is she?”

“Sad and mad at Enzo. She misses Juno very much and even her idiot father.”

“What about Enzo, how is he doing?”

“Aside from not leaving the shop unless it’s to see Juno, he’s angry. It’s misplaced but he’s angry.”

‘Ting, ting t- FUCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!

“There goes another hammer. That is the tenth one.”

“He needs a break before he breaks everything in the shop.”

“I know. I’m waiting for the anvil to break. That will be something interesting.”

Packing up the leftover lunch items and picking up the trash from their lunch Oliver walked Alice out of the shop before she left.

“You going to see Lilith now?”

“Yeah I got to get Juno from the doctor and I’m talking her with me.”

“You know if Enzo finds out he’ll be pissed.”

“Oh well, he’ll get over it when he decides to grow up and talk to Lilith.”

“We’ll see. I’ll make sure he eats his lunch as well”

After watching Alice walk down the road, Oliver sighed as he went back into the shop. It was going to be a slow and annoying day with Enzo destroying hammers.

“Yo, Enzo I got lunch.”


“Silence again, come on I can’t pick sides damnit.”


“I’d rather you be pissed at me than Alice. You do remember I’m married to her?”


“Look he talks.”

“Alice brought you lunch and you better eat it.”

“I heard mother….”

“Sass, it’s beginning to be a better day already.”

“So whose side are you on anyways?”

“No ones. You both need to just talk and you need to let her talk.”


“Silence again?”

“No, just thinking about things.”

There was a lot to talk about. He was in the midst of falling for Lilith and wanting her to be in his and Juno’s life more. Possibly asking her to move in with them. But all that was blown aside when her father, the one he knew ordered the killing of his wife showed up. He was hurt when he saw that man was her father and he placed all that hate he felt for him onto her. She was innocent of everything, but his hate didn't care. He knew she didn't know about those slaves. He knew she had moved away before he started having slaves. He knew he shouldn't have went off on her and ignore her for a month, but his pride said differently.

“So how is Enzo?” The woman asked as she gathered plates for her and her guest.

Giggling a little bit from the encounter in the shop. “Some hammering, cussing, breaking another hammer.”

“Still mad at me then?” Lilith asked with a frown.

Alice thought about what to say before saying it. She didn’t want to create a bigger rift with a wrong phrase or idea. “He’s not mad, hurt and confused, but not mad.”

“Why would he be hurt? I didn’t do anything to him.”

“It’s not that. He knows your father from his past.”

“I get that, but why push that off on me?”

“It has to do with his wife.”

Alice knew everything surrounding the cause of her death. Enzo told her and Oliver about it once things calmed down. Alice felt bad for Lilith getting the brunt of Enzo’s hate when it wasn’t even directed at her.

“Oh his wife, Sofia was her name right?”

“Y-yes, how did you know her name?” Alice asked shocked.

“After Enzo left me and my father had dinner and I asked him. I told him I wouldn’t talk to him again unless he tells me the truth about her.

“Did he?”

“I think so.”

“What did he say about her?”


“Father…. what was the name of that girl and what happened to her?”

Choking on his food at the question he wasn’t sure what to say or do. He wanted her in his life and starting off with a lie wasn’t the best beginning.

“Why do you want to know about her?”

“I want to know why he was mad when he saw you.”

In reality she knew about Enzo’s wife but not much about her or her death. She was curious. Enzo did get mad at someone unless they did something to him or those he cares about and the way he acted at the site of her father means he did something to Enzo.

“Well after you moved out I started to replace the workers in the house with cheaper ones. I started buying slaves so to speak. Not really slaves, but more like I bought out the debts they or their families owed and took them as workers to pay it off.”

“You had slaves?”

“Yes, I had slaves?”

“Why? They are people to.”

“Like I told you, they worked for me to pay off the debts.”

“But still slaves.” She asked with a fierce glare.

“Yes and do you want me to tell you about her or not?”

“Yes, sorry continue.”

“As I was saying. I had them work off their debts at the mansion. At the time I was short staffed and needed a general maid. I happened to come across a family that was looking to start their own farm and move out from the place they were staying. After inquiring why, which I was told they felt like they were taking advantage of Enzo’s family for living rent free. I gave them an offer.”

Lilith sat listening to her father talk about the slaves and she was angry that he would do that. He always treated the maids with respect, but to basically buy someone into working for him bothered her.

“Her family accepted the money and moved out of their home and onto their own land. When time was right and Sophia was old enough she came to work for me to pay off the debts. It was safe to say she didn’t like it. She wasn’t told of the deal until the day she was to leave. Once she arrived she was rude and disrespectful until she was punished and learned her place.”

“You beat her?”

“Nothing unlike what I did to all the other servants that acted out and disobeyed. Remember they work for me and I pay them.”

Lilith couldn’t believe her father was saying he beat his servants and even beat Sophia.

“After a while she began to act properly and do her job without hesitation or mistakes. I even thought about hiring her on as a real maid. But he showed up and her attitude changed with.”

“Enzo, it was Enzo wasn't it?”

“Yes, it was that damn brat. I hired him as a blacksmith to fix some things and build some new fences decorative pieces for the mansion. It was fine for a bit until they bumped into one another. After that she was always with him and lacking in her work. I soon caught on to them being more than just friends when I saw them kissing in the shop. I was livid my maid was acting like a lewd whore with the hired help. So I forbid her to see him. That worked for a while, but I wasn’t always watching. They managed to sneak out to see one another and they made plans for her to escape. I wasn’t aware of it, but they planned it to happen when he was leaving.” Lilith’s father watched his daughter as he told the story. He knew he couldn’t tell her about the hit he placed on her and why. He saw Lilith’s eyes and body language perk up at certain parts of the story.

“She must have wanted out badly if she planned an escape.” She spoke out sarcastically.

“It would seem so. She didn’t want to be there to begin with.”

“I can see why. Basically sold against your will and not even told about it until the day you were forced into servitude.”

“Yes well people shouldn’t make deals and draw debts with others.” Her father spat out.

“It’s always about money with you.”

“Not always, but I was a man of my word and expect others to hold theirs as well.”


“I’ll continue. Once I found out they left I sent out a search party but couldn’t locate them. I had lost them. That was until today when I met you friend.” He said as he looked away.

“Did you not know what happened to Sophia?”

“No. I figured once she got free she went home. Where is she?”

“She died.”

“How unfortunate, shame really, she was a good little worker.”

“I can’t believe you. She is dead and that’s all you can say?”

“Sorry life isn’t all glorious and magical. Things happen and this was one of them.”
Not wanting to be a part of this discussion or around the man, Lilith got up and walked out of the dining room. Moments later you could hear a door slamming. Signaling her father it was time for him to leave.

Writing a note he placed it on the table before taking his leave.

Alice couldn’t believe the story, but it was spot on. All but the truth to what happened to Sophia. No reason her father would actually tell her he had her killed to prove a point.

“So was that the truth?”

“More or less.” Alice answered with some apprehension in her voice.

“I wish he would speak to me.”

“He will eventually, he just needs time to deal with things.”

“But why alone? No one should be alone for this.”

“Sometimes it has to be this way. People need space to work things out on their own. Considering the reason for his outburst, you would be a distraction for him.”

“I want to tell him I didn’t know.”

“He knows.”

“How do you know that?”

“He’s not stupid and the look on your face said everything.”

“What look?”

“The one of innocence and confusion, you wouldn’t have that look if you knew.”


“On to something more upbeat, what are we going to do to get you two together again?” Alice said while winking at Lilith.

“Didn’t you just say he needs space?”

“I did I did, but how much space is the question.”

“Speaking of work, who is going for the gate job?”

“Not sure. It’s supposed to be a big build and a long term contract.”

“Worried about Juno?”

“Yeah, I don’t want you and Alice to care for Juno more than needed. I have to be a parent.”Enzo said setting his hammer down and leaning against the work bench.

“Well you could always leave her with Lilith.”


“You know that’s the best option other than taking her with you.”

“Damnit I know ok.” Answered Enzo through gritted teeth.

Leaving Juno with Oliver and Alice while nice wasn’t fair to them or Juno. They had their own life and family. But the other option of leaving her with Lilith wasn’t really an option. Could he simply ask her watch Juno like nothing happened? He also couldn’t take her with him. It’s too dangerous for a young child to travel that far, let alone be around a job site like that.

“Oh well look at the time.” Oliver said jokingly as he look at his invisible watch.


“Alice and Juno are here and I have to go. See you tomorrow.”

“Yeah yeah, just don’t be late.”

“I never am.”

As Oliver makes his way to the shop front to leave Alice walks up to him and whispers into his ear. Soon after his eyes widened and he stepped back from Alice.


“Her father told her, but she doesn’t know the exact truth.”

Bending down to Juno’s eye level Alice told her to find daddy. Hearing “daddy”
caused the little girl to run off to find him.

“Her knowing makes things easy.” Alice said as she watched Juno run around the shop.

“It does, but will he listen?”

“Hehe… I know he will.”

“What did you do?”

“Nothing, just gave her Juno to watch tomorrow.”

“… nice thinking. I knew I loved you for a reason.” He said hugging his wife.

“Ah yes, being the smart one is something to love. Anyways let’s go.”

The pair walked about the door before Alice stopped and turned to the shop. “BYE ENZO!!” She yelled out, turning back around and walking away with Oliver.

Next Morning

The day was new and already starting to be a pain for Enzo. Waking up to a screaming Juno running around the house half dressed, he was really sure what to think. Since Lilith was no longer watching Juno, he had to deal with all the morning issues and this happened to be one of those days.

“Damnit Juno stop running around without clothes on.”

‘giggling and footsteps’

“Juno, you want to see Lilith?” As soon as he said her name Juno stopped in her tracks and turned heel to face her father. On her face was plastered the cutest toothy smile he had ever seen. Juno wasted little time running in to her father’s arms ready and eager to see Lilith.

“You need to get dressed first and we need to eat before we go, okay?”

Nodding her head and giggling the little girl cooperated and helped her father get her dressed.

Twenty minutes later both were ready to leave the house. Enzo was heading for Alice and Oliver’s house when he caught sight of Lilith. His eyes averted to the area where she wasn’t but he kept his peripheral vision locked onto her as he walked to his destination.

‘knock knock’

“Hello boss man…. Already for the work day?” Spoke Oliver as he slyly grinned

“Oh yes, just like any other day.”

“It would be that bad. Something ni….oomph” Oliver was cut off as his wife came to the door and elbowed him in the ribs.

“Hello Enzo and hello to you Juno.”

“Morning Alice. Um Juno might get restless as I bribed her with seeing Lilith.”

“Why would you do that?”

“She was running around half naked screaming tearing up the place. Had to control her and it worked didn’t it? We are here on time.”

“That’s beside the point. I guess I’ll have to go see her than.” She said with a smirk, earning a glare from Enzo and a laugh from Oliver.


“That glare doesn’t work Enzo, point it towards someone else.”

“Ah, Enzo let’s get to the shop and get started.” Oliver said, sensing the mood change.

“Yeah, yeah.” Enzo said as he followed Oliver down the path.

The walk to the shop was an awkward one that had Oliver smiling trying to completely annoy Enzo into either firing him(jokingly) or saying something. Hell, just to get that damn scowl off his face would be enough. On the other hand, Enzo was quiet and his face was in a permanent scowl. He knew Oliver was trying to annoy him, but it wasn’t working. He did think about firing him though, seemed only right.

Shifting closer to Enzo, Oliver finally started a conversation. “So this gate job, what are the details?”

“It’s a big job from what they want and the blueprints they sent me. Other than some basic woodwork and cement work, we’ll be making most of the gates. Four smaller side gates and four large main entry gates. Plus all the accents and ornamental designs they want.”

“That’s big. Are we talking months or longer?”

“Depends really, we’ll be getting supplies from them to start the accents and ornamentals, and some of the smaller gates. The rest will be at a forge and smith shop they will have setup for us.”

“That’s good, less time away. Also nice that they’ll have something setup and send out material beforehand.” Thinking about the previous conversation about where Juno will go for the duration of the job, Oliver decided to push it again.
“So, Juno will stay with Lilith?”

“Look Oliver, right now I can’t deal with her. It’s not her fault that her father is scum, but every time I think about her or see her I get angry. “

“I get that but you can’t blame her. She didn’t even know about her dad at that time. “

“Damnit I know. Look I’ll talk to her when we get back from the job. Does that work for you” Enzo asked while glaring at Oliver.

“Not really, but I can’t force you. I can only bug you until you give in.”

After saying what he had to say Oliver went back to work. He knew Enzo was stubborn but he had good reason to be. Just finding out that the father of the woman you may or may not be romantically attached to be responsible for the death of your wife isn’t the best way to build a relationship. He needed to either move on or drag this out forever. At some point he’d have to break if he wanted any semblance of a life with her if that’s what he even wanted. Damn it all was his train of thought for the current events. Damn it all.

A few hours later

“Enzo, you here?” came a female voice.

‘Ting, ting, ting’ was the response she got.

Hearing the sound of clanging metal the woman heads towards the back of the shop where she hoped her target would be working.

Upon entering the back she saw who she was looking for.

“Go get your daddy.” The woman said

With that the little girl ran off towards the man with a huge smile on her face.

“DADDY!!” the girl screamed out as she got to him.



“What are you doing here?” He said as he picked her up for a hug.

A few moments later the sound of footsteps was heard which meant it was either Alice or Oliver that dropped Juno off. Who he saw as he approached the front was not who he was expecting.

“Lilith, what are you doing here?”

“I-I came to drop Juno off. Alice told me you would be here instead of at home.” She said nervously.

Enzo watched as Lilith fidgeted back and forth. It was an awkward beginning to a conversation that he honestly didn’t want to be a part of. He wanted to just go on this big job and make loads of cash. But he also knew that just hiding out and waiting would make things worse.

“Look Lilith….”

“No Enzo, listen to me first please.” She said in an almost pleading tone.

“I’m sorry about your wife. I’m sorry I didn’t know that my father did those things or was that way.”

“I know Lilith. I knew you had no idea as soon as things were said.’

“Then why did you push me away like this?”

“I was mad. Mad at him and at you.” He said as he slammed his hammer on the anvil, forming a small crack unseen. “Even though I could tell you knew nothing, it did nothing to stop my anger.”

As he went to swing his hammer down on the anvil again a hand lightly grabbed his hand and pulled it back. That motion caused him to react on his own and spin around to her. The look of hurt emblazoned on her face, the look of anger and sadness showing on his. If one were to walk in on the scene you would think two lovers were arguing over bills or who left the seat up on the toilet. But this wasn’t that. This was two lovers coming to grips with pasts that were different but the same. That same factor drove them to one another by a fleeting act was the every same that had them teetering on falling apart.

That moment would never come to pass though, a little girl would never let that happen… would she?

“Daddy I’m hungry.” Came the cries of said little girl. The mood shifted from tense and thick with emotion to near light and airy with laughter and joy.

Enzo’s eyes darted to the little girl he called his then back to Lilith. Lilith simply turned to the girl and gave her a soft smile. Before she could move to the girl she was roughly handled and brought back to her previous position of being face to face with Enzo.

Without any warning Enzo closed the minimal distance between and put his lips to hers. Sealing all doubt away she had about their pasts and only cementing the present and possible futures.

Freeing his hand of his hammer he set it on the anvil, the crack that formed earlier spread again unseen.

When the two lover split apart, neither one wanting to part but a hungry little girl needed to be fed. Enzo gathered up his daughter in his arms and grabbed Lilith’s hand, pulling her along as they exited the shop.

As the door closed the anvil broke, split in two. They say that when something important to you breaks it’s a sign to start a new. The anvil being a sign of strength and power was just as fragile as glass, but a new one can help forge something new with strength and power.

To be continued.....

Moon River

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Chapter 1. The Moon Shines Bright

The moon has always been scene as this magical orb in the night sky, lighting the way for the wayward warriors to get home. Shining it's beauty to those who seek it or even stumble upon it. Whatever the case may be, the moon is and will always be the sun in the night sky.

Sneaking out of his parents house Akio heads to the river located not to far from his home. The path from his home to the lake illuminated by the bright full moon. This is Akio's favorite time to visit the river. When the moon is full and the sky is dark. The moon as he approaches the river casts a silver white light on the river, giving it the name of “Moon River”

As Akio got closer to the waters edge he heard something calling out to him. “come here little one.” Confused and scared at the voice calling out to him he hesitated and stopped walking. Trying to see into the dark of the night, he was looking for whatever called out to him. Not hearing anything for a moment Akio started to walk towards the river again.

“Come little one, don't be afraid.”

Stopping dead in his tracks as the voice called out to him again, this time closer.
“W-w-whose t-t-there?” He stuttered out.

As his words left his mouth, the sound of light footsteps were heard. This caused Akio to turn towards the sound.

“Just me little one.” The voice said as the footsteps got louder, signifying the closeness.

“Who are you?”

“Someone that is admiring the full moon tonight.” As the lighting changed the voices figure could be made out. The voice belonged to a young woman. Her hair was white as fresh snow. He couldn't make out her face yet, but her features made her out to be beautiful.

“Why are you out here little one?” The woman asked.

“I always come out here when I can't sleep. It helps me relax. Why haven't I seen you before?” The boy asked with caution.

“I'm always here, but only on certain days will I venture this close to the water.” The young woman said while starring out into the lake.

After a few moments that seemed to last forever Akio began to move towards the young woman.

“I see you aren't scared of me anymore.” She said with a a smirk. “Come sit with me little one.”

Watching her intently Akio moved to the spot the young woman patted and sat down. He wasn't sure about her but something caused he worries and fear to fade away.

“Miss lady, my name isn't Little One, it's Akio.” The young boy blurted out.

“I know your name isn't Little One, but you are little and I didn't know your name.... Akio.”

Unsure what to say next Akio glanced up at the young woman who just teased him. He could see her features better now and could tell his first impressions were just. He could now see her face in all it's luster. Her small nose that fit perfectly in it's place. The pink full lips that were taught in a tight smile as she looked at him. Her eyes, vibrant pupiless pink eyes. Everything about her was pure, her skin was pale. Her hair was white, but her eyes held something more. Goddess like? Was all Akio manage to think as he continued to stare.

“It's not polite to stare little Akio....” She teased out.

Being caught starring Akio blushed and turned his head. He couldn't deny it, he was starring at here.

“I'm Mika, Mika Kawa.”

“Pretty name, Mika.”

Now blushing herself, Mika turned her head back to the lake. She grimaced as she caught the faint dusting or orange over the horizon.

“Akio, would you like to take a walk? It's getting late and you should get back to your home as I need to return to mine.”

“Sure, can you walk me home?”

“Yes.” Was all she said as she got up and dusted off her dress. She walked over towards Akio and offered her hand to him. Getting up himself, Akio took her hand and the two started walking in the direction of Akio's house.

That short walk was done in silence but the walk itself was pleasing. While the two didn't speak all that needed to be said was done as their hands were still together when they reached the property of Akio's family.

“Will you be here tonight Mika?” Akio asked with slight worry.

“Yes little one I should be.” Mika said reassuring Akio.

“Good night little Akio” Mika said while giving him a hug.

Blushing Akio hugged her back whispering “Good night Miss Mika”.

As the two parted Mika watched Akio’s form as he entered his house. Turning around, she headed back towards the water where the two met.

To be continued.

Where is your outrage Al Sharpton

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This may offend some but it's bound to happen anyways. This is just my feelings and emotions coming out. As a friend of people from all races this saddens me.

In the wake of the rioting and the mayhem in Ferguson, Missouri there was a tragedy that received no word in the news. Only after the hometown of the victim yelled out with rage did we find out about it.


His name is Zemir Begic age 32. Former resident of Waterloo, Iowa. On Sunday November 30th in St. Louis while out with his wife three teens, two black and one Hispanic hit his car. Begic got out of his car. At some time after those same three teens proceeded to beat him to death with hammers in front of his wife.

Why? Why would three teenagers from 15-17 beat a man to death with hammers? Why would they attack his car than do this to him, why? These same kids threatened another Bosnian man hours earlier on the same street. The police claim is wasn't race related, but how can they know this? Do blacks and Hispanics randomly walk around a known Bosnian part of town threatening residents with hammers? Or acts of violence?

Why isn't Sharpton and the other race baiters crying for the violence to stop? Begging for humanity and those that believe in god to step forward to help ease the tension? Where are the people fighting for all this violence to stop? Is it because the camera's aren't around? Is is because there isn't an opportunity to be in the limelight? Is it because he's not of your color? Where is the equality that you preach? Where is the media sensationalism that is always around acts like this?

I will admit that being white I have never suffered from racial prosecution. I've never been turned away or looked at because of my skin. I've never had to hide who I was. As I grew up I was ignorant to reality, only when I started to open my eyes did I truly feel for others.

I ask this.....

When will all issues regarding race be treated the same? Why can't one act get the same coverage and moral support from the outside as another. In the end we are all the same inside. This isn't about getting on TV, but showing that it's not just one race being harmed and violated. It's about all the races that do. Every single race has been harmed by another race. We can't solve the problem when the media and the world blindly follow what they read or see on TV.

The End of an Era..... Naruto 9/21/99 - 11/10/14

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September 21, 1999 - November 10, 2014

From the 700 chapter manga, to the 380 episode +(still airing) anime, the several movies with one coming out next month. The video games, Naruto has built a legacy in the history of anime/manga.

Whether you're a fan or not, it's hard to deny what Naruto has done for the industry and it's impact on cultures outside of it's home country.

My experience with Naruto was bittersweet. In the beginning I never watched it as I viewed it to be "too childish". I happened upon the Chunnin Exam arc and watched it from that point. Needless to say I was a fan from that point. I rewatched everything from the beginning to that point. Then carried on from where I left off to the end of Naruto and then Shippuden. I will always be a fan and not ashamed to say it.

So to you Masashi Kishimoto, thank you for 15 years of awesome ninja goodness.

Post your experience with Naruto and what you thought about everything. If you need to spoil something use the spoil tags. Even if it's something old, don't reveal it.

Some goodies for those that want to know about Naruto

Naruto Wikia

List of Movies

List of Characters

List of Naruto Games


If you comment please be respectful. If you never watched it and have nothing good to add, don't post.

See when two anime fans are in love and do this and that in 9 months you get.......

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KAT on MAL. Yes KAT on MAL. What is MAL? Like the question of what is the meaning of life, what is MAL has plagued the minds of people for years. But now you don't have to ponder and wonder what it is. KAT on MAL is the bestest KAT Anime Group in the history of man.

Why KAT on MAL? Well you get a nice setup with quick access to anime, manga and other anime related databases. You can also track and keep up to date you anime/manga watching/reading.

So come click on the banner below and join us... join us.

Remember same rules that are on KAT apply to this KAT on MAL as well.


Again thanks to Deth93116.55K for creating this group.

Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 31 Fate/Stay Night

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What it's about?

It's about a high school aged boy who knows little of magic and uses what he knows to help others as a mechanic. As his fate he comes into a battle and is attacked. He knowingly summons a protector. From that point on his life takes a turn and he must fight to win.

Why I recommend it?

Very few times in my anime watching life(nearly 20 years) has one had a wierd emotional effect on my. When I hear the name "Fate/Stay Night" I have an emotional response. I get goosebumps and my mind wonders. For those that wonder, it's like when you hear someones voice you missed or haven't spoken to for a while. Or a song that you start to hear the very first start or the guitar riffs or the beat. It's that type of emotional response. No tears, just that feeling that of serenity. Though with Fate/Stay Night there is no serenity for me. It hits my romantic side and desires on target and in the end it did leave me in tears. I'll admit it out right.... I did cry.....

 show spoiler
I cried because the Shirou fell in love with Saber as did Saber fall in love with Shirou. The final scene of them defeating the enemy and Shirou telling Saber to destroy the Holy Grail was a sad event. Knowing that destroying it would send Saber back to her time. Before she was sent back she admitted her love to him. As she disappeared he cried.

Return to her time and asks her servant to return her sword to the lake. As she sits against a tree nearing death she speaks out... "My slumber this time...might be...a bit long... for a small moment her eyes remain open but they began to slowly close as she eternally sleeps.

At the end she dreamed a dream of what she had done, but in reality it wasn't a dream.

I've read that in the visual novel game that the "Last Episode" Saber and Shirou meet again in Avalon. Nothing is more poetic and perfect than that.

Here is a link to the final part of the anime series.

This is the link for the true end of the VN with Saber and Shirou meeting again.

What I wish it had.

Nothing. I could be selfish and plead for more but why? Why ask for something that never should be? I know there are other routes of the VN that have been animated, but to me this is the one that matters. Read inside the spoiler for my reasons.


Story: 9
Character: 10
Rewatchable: 9
Overall: 9


Fate/Stay Night trailer

Minecraft Survival mode try #2

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So after I posted my progress in survival mode of MC, mc game save started to glitch. I had a back up, but it also had the glitch. Went through several forums to fix it, seems that it's an unfixable glitch. Found out that random chunks of data would crop themselves out and put themselves in other parts of the game. How I found the glitch was randomly traveling and my chicken farm of 50 chickens appeared son 5K blocks from it's actual location. I go back to my home spot and my chicken farm is missing as well as any black in a 50x50 chunk form top of the world to bedrock. Fun times. So that brings me to this.

I had to restart and this is what I have now.

Entrance to Gottside during the day

At night

Inside of Gottside at night.

My lighting system that uses the day/night switch.

Buildings of Gottside. They aren't traditional ones as they are dug out of the canyon.

Overall views of Gottside during night and day.

Now to those that ask everything is hand created with no cheats. Every material was mined and created. To create the "House O' Enchanting I had to gather and slaughter many a cow to make books and created that sugarcane farm for the paper.

Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 30 Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero/Hagure Yuusha no Estetica

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What it's about?
It's about a lot of generally generic things at first, but blows your mind after the first 5 minutes. No really, it's about a young man who traveled to a magical realm to become a hero. After defeating evil and returning home, said young man gets magical powers. Once he returns he enrolls into a "special school" to train him in these powers. There he must train and defend himself and others.

Why I recommend it?
Cus it's badass in all sense and terms. At first it reads like any generic "hero story", but that's where it stops. Anyone who watches anime knows the sad but true stereotype that hero's are weak and self conscious crusaders who do no wrong. HAHAHA this hero isn't that. This hero is a lewd, crude, breast fondling hero dude. I was intrigued because this hero did his own thing regardless of right or wrong, but it was for the right. He just does things on his own terms. Aside from the awesome hero, it has a decent amount of boobs and other nifty things to fill your needs. The story is actually really good and doesn't get left to the side like so many other ecchi filled anime.

What I wish it had.
More episodes. Yes this is an overused phrase by me, but why not have more episodes? It's that good and needs more cus 12 episodes wasn't enough.


Story: 9
Character: 9
Rewatchable: 9
Overall: 9


When I Ruled the World

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When I was on high, I ruled the world with an iron fist. Letting no man make claim upon my throne.
When I was the King, I put forth the fear of a leader and the compassion of a saint.
When I was a ruler, I led my people to the paradise they seek.
When I was alive, I ruled the world.

When I ruled the world, the ground shook when I walked.
When I ruled the world, the earth regaled in my honor.
When I ruled the world, the sun shined brightest on me.
When I ruled the world, I died a saint.

When I died, the people cried for me.
When I died, the ground reclaimed my land.
When I died, the heavens lead my soul to them.
When I died, I became the martyr.

When I became a martyr, my name was banished from your mind.
When I became a martyr, my life was never known.
When I became a martyr, I lost all I had gained.
When I became a martyr, man made claims upon my throne.

I have died a righteous King of Kings, destroyer of foes.
I have died a most honorable way, fighting the demons.
I have died a most horrific way, impaled by a blade.
I have died alone they say, my own demons got in the way
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