how to skip hourly limit of depositfiles

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1.you need google chrome for this...
Google chrome
2.you need switchy sharp...
switchy sharp
3.now add proxy list from here
proxy lists site
4.copy the proxy ip...
5.add the proxy ip and click on save...
6.now change ip by clicking on the icon...
7.now go to depositfiles.com i m going to this:naruto show
8.now click on any video and download as you were downloading earlier...
9.after one video is downloaded change your ip(add more proxies from same or any other site...)..and proceed to next download
one problem:
the speed of download is quite low...

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Blog: how to skip hourly limit of depositfiles

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zingcem1512 • 04 August 2012, 15:38 Show comment
Thanks a lot.. I was in need of this crack/bypass smile Now I have got it just because Mr. Xtitter
Pick_n_Roll21.13K • 25 July 2012, 02:38 Show comment
..X..5278 • 25 July 2012, 09:12 Show comment
np m8...

TimeBandits74.45K • 24 July 2012, 21:15 Show comment
Nice Blog.biggrin
JDJackson7706 • 24 July 2012, 19:51 Show comment
Nice.. Thanks for sharing..
..X..5278 • 25 July 2012, 09:12 Show comment
np m8...

jazz_singh16.63K • 24 July 2012, 17:28 Show comment
Do you have any trick for firefox???shockedshocked
anthonyfern831277 • 24 July 2012, 18:48 Show comment
You can use foxyproxy for firefox
TimeBandits74.45K • 24 July 2012, 21:14 Show comment
Or Elite Proxy in Firefox Ad-Ons.
Personally I click Options-Advanced-Network-Settings in normal Firefox so no need for extension.biggrin

grumpygoose2676 • 24 July 2012, 16:55 Show comment
Finally Google Chrome has a proxy switcher extension. I had stopped bothering to look for one because the only proxy changing options for previous releases were to change the proxy system wide.
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