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BSODs continue - Microsoft memory test detected nothing

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Still running diagnostics trying to find the source of the problem. Device Manager does not detect any failed devices. So the Ethernet Adaptor is still running. Hard drive processing seems slow, so I think it's failing (pity - it was installed new in July). I'm out of ideas. Time to take the rig to a shop.

Fixed my PC somewhat - Still getting Blue Screens

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UPDATE: As I continue to restore my torrents to active seeding process, I may have identified the cause of my Blue Screen interrupts. Someone kindly suggested that maybe I'm having a program conflict with an app running in the background. I discovered such a program! I use Maxthon Browser. When I reinstalled it after my Windows crash & burn, it had "added on" a new "service app" - a prog that was scanning my programs and "updating" some of them, in the background. (Freak Out Time!) I stopped the process, but it restarted, the minute I reopened the browser. I have REMOVED this invasive "service" from my Program Files, and turned it off in the browser (Crossing my fingers here! I haven't had a Blue Screen Interrupt since I did that yesterday afternoon.)

Just an update here to let y'all know that I have been working hard to restore all my torrents to seeding status. I am now reseeding most of my recent torrents, including the collection of music by Musical Blades, recent Hearts of Space collections, the Firefall and Dan Fogelberg Discographies, and the Cascades album that is so popular. They are seeding. The collection of Various Inspirational Instrumentals is seeding 100% now, as is "In Search of Sunrise 13.5".

Windows 10 - Was it all simply an Operator Error?

795 views    65 comments posted 12 Aug 2015, 00:35    
Having read the comments on my commentary on Windows 10 - I should have titled that Blog "The Perils of Pauline" - I have the worst luck sometimes. I've finished sorting out the mess on my PC, and I can play my favorite games again. But what struck me about the discussion was the mixture of sympathy and disdain in the blog. It was interesting that some people understood my personal panic over the failure of my OS. But quite a few were frankly incredulous that I had not backed up my hard drive before Windows 10 took over my PC, while some sounded off about how stupid I was for not doing the "obvious" to restore my data. For the record, like most KAT members, I collect a LOT of stuff here! I don't always put it on disks and store it. So I have a lot floating on external and internal drives. I have 4 of them.

Allow me clarify something about PC users, in a world now full, apparently of IT experts. I believe there are a lot more "users" out here who are not IT experts! And since computers have been around since I was in my 20s, there's a lot of us older users out here too! Furthermore, there are a lot more of us who live alone, have little or no access to expert advice at home, and who know little or nothing about Windows applications. We are in the majority. Experts are, and have always been, in the minority.

Apparently some of you think I had a hardware issue because I have old junk sitting on my motherboard. Let me clarify that misconception. Back in mid-July, I had my PC rebuilt - new internal hard drive (1 TB), new high end graphics card (nVidea GeForce 750TI), new Windows app (for me) - WIN 7 64-bit (Ultra), and all my drivers upgraded. Intel Pentium 4 motherboard is only Dual Core, but with 8 gig of newer RAM - and "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," my father often said - I didn't "fix it".

I think before we all make assumptions about what's at issue when someone has a bad experience with an OS, or hardware, we should ask a few questions first, before assuming the problem as presented is all a matter of "Operator Error". That's what I got out of the discussion about my Windows 10 mishap. It was NOT "operator error," it was NOT worn out hardware - it WAS, in fact, a problem caused by Microsoft Windows 10. I don't care if you DO love Microsoft. There are plenty of us out here who think differently, and ignorant or not, we don't agree with you!

Ultimately, I think we all need to recognize something about our membership here. The people who come here and read the forum topics, who contribute their opinions come from everywhere, all cultural levels, all educational levels, all ages. This is one of the largest social websites on the planet. Yes it is, wake up! They come from all kinds of economic, social and educational backgrounds. The majority of us are not college educated, because so many of us come from places where the privilege of a college education is reserved to the few, the wealthy, and the socially privileged. All the rest of us are doing well to have access to a computer.

So when you begin assuming that somebody like me speaks up about a computer problem, and isn't an educated IT professional is "Stooopid"..... or has lousy hardware, perhaps you need to ask some questions first. And don't assume that everybody who speaks up here is as savvy as you are in your chosen field.

What Windows 10 Has Done for me

1050 views    112 comments posted 09 Aug 2015, 00:46    
I have had the occasional rant about Microsoft's updates to their Windows 7 application. I"m sure we are all aware that some of their updates are created to limit or eliminate torrent file sharing, and they can be malicious at times. But yesterday afternoon, I received the Windows 10 "upgrade" by automatic download to my PC, and I had an experience that I am still trying to recover from.

Yesterday afternoon, my hard drive crashed, about 1/2 an hour after I approved the Windows 10 installation. When I turned my PC on again, I watched as Windows 10 attempted to launch, and failed.... (although not completely). Windows 10 kept me informed as it repeatedly tried to launch the Windows application, and failed repeatedly. It never recovered from the damage that was done to the Zero Sector on my hard drive. However, there was just enough Zero Sector left on my hard drive to reinstall my Windows 7 64-bit application, after 3 or 4 attempts.

My Windows 7 installation failed on the first attempt, almost at the point where it should have taken hold and worked. Then CKDSK opened, and it cleaned out a lot of DOS files that may have been from Windows 10, and it attempted to install the Windows 7 application, but also failed. It helped enough, however, for me to install Windows 7 from my Install Disk afterwards. I had to reinstall all the device drivers, all my favorite applications, including my beloved Everquest II game. I was up all night working with this. The upshot of this disaster is that I lost all of my torrent files, all the music that was on my C drive (altho not the music on my external TB drive), all the documents, the books, the videos, everything that I had on my C drive was wiped by the reinstallation of Windows 7. Fortunately, I do have backups of some of this.

Windows 10 nearly destroyed my hard drive within a half hour of installation. SO NOW, I must download from others the music that I had on the C-drive, or reinstall it from all my CDs etc. If you are looking for one of my torrents to download, then patience is needed for now while I recover from this disaster. And it WAS a disaster. I'm sorry, folks, Microsoft did this for me, for us.

Okay - So you found an old torrent (a dead torrent, no seeders), and you want it...

743 views    98 comments posted 21 Jul 2015, 15:10    
What do you do? Do you try to hit the "Please re-seed" button? Does it even HAVE a "Please Re-seed" button to push? No? Well then, did you go searching for it all over the Net to see if anybody's got a seeded copy of it? Assuming that didn't pan out well for you, what did you do about this conundrum?

Did you send the uploader a PM to ask them to re-seed it or re-upload it?

Or did you just Neg it, and go away (mad, maybe)?

Assuming that you tried all the usual methods to get something that is here, but "not here anymore", have you checked to see if the uploader is still active on KAT? Did you try to go to their profile page and see if they've put in an appearance in the last 6 months or so?

I think we all need to realize that torrents have a shelf-life, and it's NOT a long shelf-life! It's short, sometimes it's so short, it winks in and then winks out, because of DMCA copyright issues. But rarely, if ever, does a torrent remain active here more than 6 months. A few do, yes... because the uploader is still active here, and knows which torrents are in long-term demand. The rest - well... the only way you are going to get a dead torrent to magically reappear is to contact the original uploader (if you can), and ask .. politely -- for a reupload.

I got another Neg (Thumbs Down) this morning from someone who didn't like the fact that my 3 1/2 year old torrent didn't have any seeders, and she couldn't get the music. I saw her Neg vote in my Rep List, and sent her a msg to let her know how we do things around here (or how we should do things around here). This is a recurring problem here at KAT because newcomers don't know the "ways things are", and how to get something they want. But I think the real issue is that people look at torrent titles, but they don't look at the age of the torrent, or check the uploader (to see if there even IS one still active here). Details, details! If you really want something here, sometimes you have to ask for it... especially if it's an old torrent with no seeds.

Some things have to be experienced....

770 views    16 comments posted 25 Jun 2015, 00:49 be appreciated, or understood. And sometimes that requires some effort to have the experience.

So, today I am sharing a Mystery wrapped up in an Enigma - but I think anyone who has some previous experience with the Enigma will readily understand what the mystery is all about.
It's a wonderful experience to share with you, and it's new material. I've used the traditional anonymous approach to giving this torrent a name to protect the innocent (the material I'm sharing, and ME) and to give you a fair chance to grab it and begin appreciating it. Hope you like it. I listened to it before I prepared to share it with you, and I certainly did!

And now... for your viewing (and listening) pleasure...

1304 views    24 comments posted 30 May 2015, 22:55    
Apparently this Torrent is not behaving well... Some of you are stuck at 89%, and some of you got virtually nothing. I will re-upload this torrent today.
To clarify the problem - 2 days ago, I lost my Internet connection. I had removed the cable TV service (same ISP provider), and somehow when I removed the cable TV hardware, I broke my Internet connection. It took 2 days for my ISP to come out and reconnect my hardware and service (Friday, June 6th).

This torrent file seems to have had some other problem, because it's not completely uploading, so I have created a new one. Sorry for the frustration this must be causing y'all.

Something a little different, and very entertaining!

I have assembled a collection of special materials for us here, and I have enjoyed exploring it quite a bit.

Full Frontal Piracy - a Pirate's Life in Songs and Tales - a Collection

This collection includes a short-story based on the life of a popular Pirate Music band, along with stories about the content of 2 pieces in the collection. The material is full of adult humor and will give you a good feeling. Because there is, today, a full-blown modern-day "Pirate Culture" in our world that can be found in the realms of music and Role Play! (There's even a "Pirates Ball" which has been held at least once!) The group featured here has performed on stage in the Renaissance Fair venue, and one of their songs (a funny one at that) is based on that experience.

I would suggest, if you have any interest at all, you grab this fast. I suspect it won't be here long! (The music is quite current!)

Demons in My Media Player

902 views    17 comments posted 22 May 2015, 16:05    
Okay, I'm a music collector ... and perhaps I've been a bit too undiscriminating, cuz I have discovered some nasty stuff in my media collection here of late.

Because I like the music which I download from Hearts of Space Radio Show every week, and share with y'all, I kinda got the notion that Ambient music is kinda like "heavenly" music. I'm inclined to like the idea of music from heaven. However...
there's no such thing as an absolute, not in music, or in heaven, or anywhere else!

I found a torrent here recently - 30 gigs of "Ambient" music (mostly European music, I believe), someone's entire collection of Ambient music, I'd say. So.. hooray, a plethora of my kinda music, right? I downloaded it, and I've been wading through it, identifying it. Most of it is not identified well, or at all... just music with song titles in languages I can't understand. Well, I've found there are some interesting pieces in that mystery pile! Some of it's downright scary - and I have to say, some of it sounds to me like it's been created by a demon band. Horrid, scary, mean and nasty stuff! So, NOW I'm going through my whole music library, finding demons ... and yeah, you betcha!... excorcising demons! *Shudder* Demons like ambient music too, I guess!

The Storm has passed (for the time-being)

1025 views    30 comments posted 20 May 2015, 02:29    
Okay, I have replaced my uTorrent client completely with a new one, after the previous one was damaged by Malware Bytes Pro, and the Windows Security updates (I believe they damaged it, anyway). My torrents seem to be working correctly again.

I had to revert to Malware Bytes "common" trial version - got rid of the "Pro" version that I had. It was too aggressive. Maybe I need to learn how to "tweak" it better.

I've had one heck of a run-in with in the last couple days, coming right on the heals of that torrent corruption battle. I don't usually go to online music websites, but I get regular "invitations" from Spotify, so I tried it out for a couple weeks, looking for missing songs for albums that are incomplete. Well, I just learned about's bad behaviors on the Internet, their piracy of member's bank accounts when people quit their service. What a nightmare. Their website is riddled with advertising interrupts, so listening to music on there is annoying! However, 2 days ago, I thought I would try to listen to one of my own songs on their website. It led to such a scary mess. I won't get into it here, but I had to find where my entire music library disappeared to - I have a Terabyte drive full of music, the whole drive was wiped clean!

But as it turned out, all my music was cloned and put in a subdirectory on my external hard drive - inaccessible to me until I found out where it was hidden. It was "hidden in plain sight" in a cloned copy of my external hard drive, in a cloned "Music" folder. I had to go to the top of the file tree to see the architecture, and find the music! However, my original Music folder was still in place, with all the subfolders for every artist and all the albums! They were just EMPTY! That's all.. so my Windows Media Player was showing me that all my music was gone!

Anyway, I found the cloned folder last night finally (I could NOT for the life of me figure out how 965 GB of music could disappear off my hard drive after one morning dealing with Spotify (which was supposedly looking at my music to create a link to my personal files so I could listen to music there!)

I have fixed the problem, moved all the music back to their proper folders, and removed the cloned Music folders & cloned drive. But I think I got a year older in the last 3 days dealing with this. I have a LOT of music that is NOT replaceable, not recoverable on the Internet without paying a huge price for it. I don't want to lose it.

Now I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Trouble comes in 3's. I've had 2 so far. *Shiver* OH, I was on's Community Forums pages looking for some way to deal with Lost Music too - and there were quiet a few complaints on there about missing Player Lists, missing Music. I didn't find any solutions there!

I learn something New everyday - but not all "news" is "Good News"!

1168 views    34 comments posted 13 May 2015, 16:20    
Okay! So... after 2 days of repeated frustrations over corrupted torrents, I think that I've solved my torrent corruption problem. I really must offer my gratitude and thanks to those who have helped me solve this, and to all the rest of us here who have been so patient. I'm sure this mess has looked like a "tempest in a teacup" to some of you.

To Gazza, who identified the Microsoft Security Updates that he believes are major players in this little SNAFU, (you know what a "S.N.A.F.U." is, don't you? >>> Situation Normal - All F***ed Up<<<), I offer my undying gratitude and my first $$$million.... To The Punisher, I extend my thanks for your clear thinking, problem solving, and offer of more help. And to all who have offered constructive comments, and sympathy, my sincere appreciation.

I've learned: 1) Don't trust Microsoft to have my interests at heart... 2) Don't let Microsoft install every "security update", Windows "tweak" and "new Idea" (HEY! Why don't you try THIS?!) they flood my PC with everyday. (It took 3 days (3 DAYS !!! ??? *&%#) for Microsoft to download the 100s of updates they made t o Windows 7 after I reinstalled it on my new hard drive. And now my PC runs slow as Molasses in January again. UGH.
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