Alternative Energy Book Collection

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Alternative Energy Book Collection (Size: 1004.21 MB)
  Compendium in Wind Turbine Theory and Praxis.pdf 137.88 MB
  wind power workshop.pdf 30.34 MB
  The Biodiesel Handbook - Knothe, van Gerpen and Krahl.pdf 20.31 MB
  Solar Energy Engineering - Processes and Systems 2009.pdf 9.82 MB
  Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius.pdf 8.64 MB
  Wind Power For Dummies (2009) - (Malestrom).pdf 8.59 MB
  Wind & Solar Power Systems.pdf 6.51 MB
  Wind Energy - Renewable Energy and the Environment 2009.pdf 6.34 MB
  mgw_09x.pdf 6.3 MB
  Solar House - A Guide for the Solar Designer.pdf 5.67 MB
  Solar Technologies for Buildings.pdf 5.36 MB
  Renewable Electricity and the Grid - The Challenge of Variability (2009).pdf 4.43 MB
  Build a Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell System.pdf 3.61 MB
  Build Your Own Solar Panel.pdf 3.2 MB
  The Lead Dioxide Electrode (Batteries).pdf 2.62 MB
  Biodiesel from Waste.pdf 2.44 MB
  Fuel Cell Handbook (5th Ed, 2000).pdf 2.37 MB
  Hugh Piggott PMG May-October 2002.pdf 2.33 MB
  Homemade Solar Cells.pdf 1.9 MB
  (Ebook - Free Energy) Fuelless Engine 50-350hp.pdf 1.69 MB
  Fuel Cell Handbook (4th Ed, 1998).pdf 1.64 MB
  Electromagnetic_Rotary_Engine_-_US_Patent_03890548.pdf 1.59 MB
  Making Biodiesel (Tickelll).pdf 1.37 MB
  Solar_Heating_of_Buildings_and_Domestic_Hot_Water_-_MIL-HDBK-1003-13.pdf 1.26 MB
  Homemade Batteries.pdf 765.34 KB
  Run your car on tap water.pdf 507.28 KB
  Solar Box Cookers.pdf 331.75 KB
  Wind Rotor Blade Construction - Small Wind Systems for Battery Charging.pdf 331.67 KB
  Direct Plasmadynamic Thermal To Electric Conversion - Mayo&Mills.pdf 292.92 KB
  12-volt Guide - Junk 261.5 KB
  And 11 files more
  Building Your Own Stanley Meyer Water Fuel Cell (Study Pack)
  Home Power Magazine
  wind energy {purestevil}release


Self explanatory what is in this torrent. :)

Primarily solar power and wind power books in here, discussing how to power your home. There is a good amount in here. If you want to add a backup power source to your residence, THIS is the torrent you should download. Enjoy.

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Alternative Energy Book Collection


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TetrapsiFios2721 • 13 January 2013, 20:52
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Thxs man. Dark days are coming, so better be prepared
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great thanks

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