236 Newer (2010) iPhone/iPod Touch Apps [.ipa][Cracked]

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236 Newer (2010) iPhone/iPod Touch Apps [.ipa][Cracked] (Size: 3.23 GB)
  2 Across ~Tanner.ipa 263.86 KB
  21 pro blackjack ~Tanner.ipa 4.98 MB
  2XL ATV Offroad ~Tanner.ipa 123.83 MB
  300 Bowl ~Tanner.ipa 723.86 KB
  3D Vector Pong ~Tanner.ipa 801.36 KB
  A_Level ~Tanner.ipa 242.75 KB
  aballs ~Tanner.ipa 1.08 MB
  absolutely trivial ~Tanner.ipa 223.87 KB
  aerogyro ~Tanner.ipa 1.11 MB
  Age of Conquest Europe ~Tanner.ipa 44.65 MB
  Air Hockey ~Tanner.ipa 2.32 MB
  Air Mote ~Tanner.ipa 193.61 KB
  Air Mouse ~Tanner.ipa 794.19 KB
  aki mahjong ~Tanner.ipa 8.86 MB
  alien invasion ~Tanner.ipa 5.42 MB
  allis jigsaw puzzle ~Tanner.ipa 7.95 MB
  alpha 3d photo puzzle ~Tanner.ipa 4.79 MB
  amnesia ~Tanner.ipa 3.01 MB
  Anti Mosquito ~Tanner.ipa 1.77 MB
  Anti Weather ~Tanner.ipa 31.6 MB
  Aqua Forest ~Tanner.ipa 5.97 MB
  are you smarter than a 5th grader ~Tanner.ipa 2.38 MB
  asphalt 4 elite racing ~Tanner.ipa 97.96 MB
  astrotilt ~Tanner.ipa 3.22 MB
  attack cows ~Tanner.ipa 16.74 MB
  auto contra sense ~Tanner.ipa 5.77 MB
  autonomous ~Tanner.ipa 1.78 MB
  awele mancala ~Tanner.ipa 7.26 MB
  ayephone ~Tanner.ipa 208.93 KB
  azRSS ~Tanner.ipa 289.79 KB
  And 205 files more


236 Apps
All apps are cracked, many by me

Working on 3.1.2/3.1.3

This is the most up to date app package as of Feb 2010Just because this is a 2010 package doesn't mean all of the apps are made in 2010. They are however up to date from Feb 2010.

2 Across ~Tanner.ipa
21 pro blackjack ~Tanner.ipa
2XL ATV Offroad ~Tanner.ipa
300 Bowl ~Tanner.ipa
3D Vector Pong ~Tanner.ipa
aballs ~Tanner.ipa
absolutely trivial ~Tanner.ipa
aerogyro ~Tanner.ipa
Age of Conquest Europe ~Tanner.ipa
Air Hockey ~Tanner.ipa
Air Mote ~Tanner.ipa
Air Mouse ~Tanner.ipa
aki mahjong ~Tanner.ipa
alien invasion ~Tanner.ipa
allis jigsaw puzzle ~Tanner.ipa
alpha 3d photo puzzle ~Tanner.ipa
amnesia ~Tanner.ipa
Anti Mosquito ~Tanner.ipa
Anti Weather ~Tanner.ipa
Aqua Forest ~Tanner.ipa
are you smarter than a 5th grader ~Tanner.ipa
asphalt 4 elite racing ~Tanner.ipa
astrotilt ~Tanner.ipa
attack cows ~Tanner.ipa
auto contra sense ~Tanner.ipa
autonomous ~Tanner.ipa
awele mancala ~Tanner.ipa
ayephone ~Tanner.ipa
azRSS ~Tanner.ipa
A_Level ~Tanner.ipa
baby babble ~Tanner.ipa
balloonacy ~Tanner.ipa
Band ~Tanner.ipa
Bass Fishing Mania ~Tanner.ipa
Battery Log ~Tanner.ipa
BattleAtSea ~Tanner.ipa
bejeweled 2 ~Tanner.ipa
Bejeweled ~Tanner.ipa
big bang sudoku ~Tanner.ipa
BlackJack ~Tanner.ipa
BlogWriter ~Tanner.ipa
Bluetooth IM ~Tanner.ipa
BodyTalk ~Tanner.ipa
Bomberman ~Tanner.ipa
BookShelf ~Tanner.ipa
Boom! ~Tanner.ipa
Bouncedown ~Tanner.ipa
BubblePRO ~Tanner.ipa
Caller ID ~Tanner.ipa
Casino Craps ~Tanner.ipa
CBNK_3D ~Tanner.ipa
Checkers ~Tanner.ipa
Chopper ~Tanner.ipa
Cleartune ~Tanner.ipa
codzombies ~Tanner.ipa
ColorTilt ~Tanner.ipa
Columns Deluxe ~Tanner.ipa
Comic Touch ~Tanner.ipa
Command & Conquer Red Alert ~Tanner.ipa
crayonphysics ~Tanner.ipa
Critter Crunchv.ipa
Cube Runner ~Tanner.ipa
Days Counter ~Tanner.ipa
de Blob ~Tanner.ipa
Dice ~Tanner.ipa
DirtBike X ~Tanner.ipa
Disneys All Star Cards ~Tanner.ipa
Dizzy Bee ~Tanner.ipa
Dreigit ~Tanner.ipa
Driver ~Tanner.ipa
Dynolicious ~Tanner.ipa
E-Smoke ~Tanner.ipa
eBuddy ~Tanner.ipa
Edge ~Tanner.ipa
Emerald Chronometer ~Tanner.ipa
Enigmo ~Tanner.ipa
eWallet ~Tanner.ipa
Facebook ~Tanner.ipa
FaceCall ~Tanner.ipa
FAIL Maker ~Tanner.ipa
FallingBalls ~Tanner.ipa
Fast & Furious Pink Slip ~Tanner.ipa
Fast & Furious ~Tanner.ipa
Fastlane Street Racing ~Tanner.ipa
Ferrari GT ~Tanner.ipa
File Magnet ~Tanner.ipa
Five Dice ~Tanner.ipa
Flashlight ~Tanner.ipa
Flight Control ~Tanner.ipa
Flip Book ~Tanner.ipa
FLOverload ~Tanner.ipa
G-Spot ~Tanner.ipa
Galcon ~Tanner.ipa
GPS ~Tanner.ipa
Grant Theft Auto CTW ~Tanner.ipa
Guitar Toolkit ~Tanner.ipa
Guitar Tuner ~Tanner.ipa
HangmanSim ~Tanner.ipa
I Dig It 2 ~Tanner.ipa
iBattery Pro ~Tanner.ipa
iBeer ~Tanner.ipa
iBluff Trivia ~Tanner.ipa
iCam ~Tanner.ipa
iCopter ~Tanner.ipa
iDownload ~Tanner.ipa
iDrink ~Tanner.ipa
iGotch ~Tanner.ipa
iJezzball ~Tanner.ipa
Ikanoid ~Tanner.ipa
iKnights 400 ~Tanner.ipa
iMessenger ~Tanner.ipa
iMilk ~Tanner.ipa
iNetwork Test ~Tanner.ipa
iNXT Remote ~Tanner.ipa
iPooted ~Tanner.ipa
IQTest ~Tanner.ipa
Iron Fist Boxing ~Tanner.ipa
iRSS ~Tanner.ipa
iSilo ~Tanner.ipa
iSki ~Tanner.ipa
iXpenseIt ~Tanner.ipa
JellyCar 2 ~Tanner.ipa
JellyCar ~Tanner.ipa
Kinetic Balls ~Tanner.ipa
KoG ~Tanner.ipa
Labyrinth 2 ~Tanner.ipa
Labyrinth ~Tanner.ipa
LogMeIn ~Tanner.ipa
M sPac Man ~Tanner.ipa
Manchester United Word It ~Tanner.ipa
Metallica ~Tanner.ipa
MLB ~Tanner.ipa
Mocha VNC ~Tanner.ipa
Mondo Solitaire ~Tanner.ipa
Monopoly ~Tanner.ipa
MonsterTN ~Tanner.ipa
Motion X Poker ~Tanner.ipa
Moto Racer ~Tanner.ipa
Muddle ~Tanner.ipa
MX Mayhem ~Tanner.ipa
myHeart ~Tanner.ipa
myVideos ~Tanner.ipa
NetShare ~Tanner.ipa
NetSketch ~Tanner.ipa
NFS-Shift ~Tanner.ipa
Night Camera ~Tanner.ipa
Notebook ~Tanner.ipa
Numba ~Tanner.ipa
Ocarina ~Tanner.ipa
Omn iFocus ~Tanner.ipa
Omn iTuner ~Tanner.ipa
OrbLive ~Tanner.ipa
Paper Football ~Tanner.ipa
Paper Plane ~Tanner.ipa
Peeps ~Tanner.ipa
Pennies ~Tanner.ipa
Pet Phone ~Tanner.ipa
Photo Hunter ~Tanner.ipa
Pianist ~Tanner.ipa
Pic Vault ~Tanner.ipa
Picoli ~Tanner.ipa
Pinball RC ~Tanner.ipa
Pizza Dash ~Tanner.ipa
Platypus ~Tanner.ipa
Pocket Football ~Tanner.ipa
Pocket Money ~Tanner.ipa
Poker Timer Dealer Button ~Tanner.ipa
Pool ~Tanner.ipa
Putt Putt ~Tanner.ipa
QuickTap ~Tanner.ipa
Quordy ~Tanner.ipa
Razor - Electric Shaver Simulation ~Tanner.ipa
Real Racing GTI ~Tanner.ipa
Recorder ~Tanner.ipa
RemindMe ~Tanner.ipa
Rock N Roll ~Tanner.ipa
Rolando ~Tanner.ipa
Rotary Dialer ~Tanner.ipa
Sandstorm ~Tanner.ipa
SCI-11C ~Tanner.ipa
Scrabble ~Tanner.ipa
Shazam RED ~Tanner.ipa
Shazam ~Tanner.ipa
Shopping List ~Tanner.ipa
Shotgun Pro ~Tanner.ipa
Shout It ~Tanner.ipa
ShrekKarting ~Tanner.ipa
Shuffleboard ~Tanner.ipa
Silent Hill ~Tanner.ipa
SimCity ~Tanner.ipa
Sketches ~Tanner.ipa
Skype ~Tanner.ipa
Sling Player ~Tanner.ipa
snake ~Tanner.ipa
Solar Quest ~Tanner.ipa
Solitaire Top 3 ~Tanner.ipa
South Park Imaginationland ~Tanner.ipa
Speed Dial ~Tanner.ipa
Splash Money ~Tanner.ipa
Spore ~Tanner.ipa
Star smasher ~Tanner.ipa
StarTrek ~Tanner.ipa
Steps ~Tanner.ipa
Sudoku Unlimited ~Tanner.ipa
Sudoku ~Tanner.ipa
Super Monkey Ball ~Tanner.ipa
supercross ~Tanner.ipa
Tank Ace ~Tanner.ipa
TanZen ~Tanner.ipa
Tap Tap Cash ~Tanner.ipa
Tap Tap Revenge 3 ~Tanner.ipa
TapDefense ~Tanner.ipa
Teleport ~Tanner.ipa
Tetris ~Tanner.ipa
texas hold'em ~Tanner.ipa
The Sims 3 ~Tanner.ipa
Thunder ~Tanner.ipa
TicTacTouch ~Tanner.ipa
Time_Crisis ~Tanner.ipa
Topple ~Tanner.ipa
Touch Type ~Tanner.ipa
Touchgrind ~Tanner.ipa
TouchScan ~Tanner.ipa
Trenches ~Tanner.ipa
Trism ~Tanner.ipa
TWC ~Tanner.ipa
Units ~Tanner.ipa
VoiceChanger ~Tanner.ipa
WeatherX ~Tanner.ipa
Wee Spider Solitaire ~Tanner.ipa
Whack The Groundhog ~Tanner.ipa
Wings ~Tanner.ipa
X-Plane Airliner ~Tanner.ipa
X-Plane Extreme ~Tanner.ipa
X-Plane Helicopter ~Tanner.ipa
X-Razer ~Tanner.ipa

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anonymous • 12 Feb 2011, 18:02
These are all free versions avalable on itunes....None are full versions
kindred6669 • 19 May 2011, 06:00
My phone is jailbroken but these apps will not install on my phone how do i do that?

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Ignorius1919 • 08 Aug 2013, 23:54
torrent downloaded
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Great.. Thank's !
umor4063 • 19 Jan 2013, 14:57
torrent downloaded
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ViKTORIOUS3679 • 02 Aug 2012, 18:53
torrent downloaded
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only needed a few apps, but good torrent, if your jailbroken, just drag and drop the ipa file to itunes, hook up your ipad and sync transferred purchases.
thanks uploader.
anonymous • 03 Mar 2012, 14:58 Show comment
My phone is not jailbroken and i cant put them on my iphone 4s help plz
anonymous • 09 Jul 2012, 07:43 Show comment
You need to jailbreak it captain obvious...
anonymous • 26 Jan 2013, 15:46 Show comment
use iFunbox

skuxx153 • 23 Feb 2012, 16:11
torrent downloaded
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excellent one. Thanks
anonymous • 14 Feb 2012, 11:25 Show comment
apps store with ifile on jailbreak 03065121415
trojan_61111832 • 15 Jan 2012, 10:45
torrent downloaded
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anonymous • 28 Dec 2011, 23:49 Show comment
If you want to install these apps, you need to get appsync and installous to your jailbroken iPhone, iPod. Here's a tutorial video on how to install appsync and installous--> http://youtu.be/sda5bjlXMpM
JEBADIAR479 • 24 Dec 2011, 23:52
torrent downloaded
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